“A Love Poem to a Poet From a Poet” by Xavier Cool Kid (Spoken Word Poem)

And speaking of spoken and being heard you want to speak some words so we can hear it? Okay! Congratulations you made it! You have completed the impossible. You have defeated everything that is trying to kill you. Believe it or not in this you are loved. Did you know.. The oxygen loves your body so much that it decided to hug your lungs,
go through your heart and
live in you veins! You, are a walking museum and
people can’t help but stop to admire your beauty. Have you stopped to admire you beauty? Your light is so bright that sometimes I need sunglasses
just to look at you. You may think no one notices but I see the way you super nova your way around a room! So, shine on. Be the brightest star in your galaxy. I know, that it’s easy to attract black holes. But you, you are gravitational pull of positive energy. You gotta thank your lucky stars for that body honey! Did you know that your brain is
made of eighty percent water? So don’t forget to take a cool dip
in your positive thoughts. Even when the currents of self doubt
are trying to drown you… You just gotta, keep swimming.
You just gotta keep pushing. Your muscles made withstand 200 pounds of pressure. I know, that a breakup may seem
like it is stronger than that. But your heart it 100,000 times per day. It was meant to recycle it was meant
to push out bad blood. Your stomach takes about 12 hours digest it’s food. It’s gonna take a little while longer
to digest that heartbreak. But your bones they were made for 18,000 pounds. I know…THAT YOU ARE STRONG. Did you know.. that without your pinky’s your hands
lose fifty percent of their strength? So you, gotta remember to appreciate the little things. You gotta appreciate your body honey. Everybody’s body is a temple but
all our ruins at your feet. Your smile is a Chapel and people
come to your pupils to worship your life I know, that there are days we may look into the
mirror and not feel like a beautiful rose. But I am here to tell you that you
are you are walking garden. I love to see you grow. You, are a slam poem. And forget what the judges think. Cuz when I see you, when I see you all I see is a ten ten a ten a ten and a ten! I see.. I wrote this poem as a love letter to myself and you are a reflection of this poet on this stage. Life, is just one big poetry slam and sometimes you win sometimes you lose But I promise you when I get off this stage called life, when you get off this stage called life, when we get off this stage called life, no matter what the score card says we are going to be… a perfect thirty.

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