A Mother Longs for Her Son (Poem) – Rushani

mod xu puts dargilejand doim tsirafst,
A mother longs for her son all the time. um dʒigar az dasti waj doim sitafst,
Her heart and insides are always burning because of him. nala jast jikborga mis vo ja wiʒafst,
She hopes maybe he will return at least once, at wiʒivdo nist digar tar mum ʒahon.
but there is no way [for him to] return to this world. waj luqenak zezd, xu vawzan uf ribizd,
Then, she takes his clothes and puts them by her pillow, nala puts muf ta loqenik tʃaj panizd?
saying, oh my beloved son who is going to wear your clothes now? juçk rawon petsar, tuluv darjote tizd,
The tears on her face run like an ocean. jo xuðoj sabrat taamul dake don.
Oh God, just give me strength, nala puts luvdum ku lak az dum ʃarob,
she says, oh son just forget the alcohol. mak itʃaθ az dasti dum xona xarob,
Don’t lose yourself because of that. nur tujat nistat azum vo dar azob,
Today you are not here, but I am suffering. kandijat o puts xu modak nozijon?
Oh my pampered and beloved son, where have you gone? ta putsak naw gape zuçtat nala ‘”pid”,
[It feels like my] son just learned his first word, “Daddy”, at muna wal vo dʒigarat dil paðid,
and again, my heart and insides are burning. tʃuçtum az waj juçakenen paj zibid,
Then I see him [as a baby boy], tears dripping [down his face]. id ʃaroba wum baʃandaj tar a dʒon.
Oh darling, this is all the result of alcohol. rost luvd modar ʃaroba xajre nist,
The mother is right, alcohol has no good ending, dum qataj aqlat tamizat wuç binist,
Drinking it, one can lose their intellect and self-awareness. dum sabil gurm az zijon tʃigo napist,
That awful drink has always been harmful. o naim maluv ku dum suzat zijon.
Oh Naim, don’t reveal all the pain and wounding. maʃ marduma
Our people ʃarob qataj mis lap xaç muçkelien,
are having difficulties with alcohol. lap xaç joʃen maʃa ajf sawan daroi dum.
Many of our young people lose their lives because of it. mum ʃər qate xoiç kinum joʃen,
With this poem I want to send a message to the youth, ɣulaen, kudaken fukaθ
to elders, children and everyone. ik tar waj pand dawat kinum idi
I call them to that path where aram ʃarob tsa nist.
alcohol does not exist.

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