a poem about farewell

Farewell is always hard. It`s like to be a half cut tree – trunk is
agonized and spits out the juice, while roots are still deep into the ground. Time has to pass before a new top grows. But the scar left by the teeth of a saw will
never disappear. Always reminding about the terrifying event
that changed the life of the tree forever. You know it`s better this way, after a week,
a month or someday it will get better, but those happy years waiting ahead can`t sweep
away those few torturing hours now. Time goes by, but you`re constantly behind
– always without a breath failing to catch the arrows of a clock. What else can be said here?

1 thought on “a poem about farewell

  1. Very, very good!

    Two cents from me:

    Agony is inevitable, but so is the new top growing. You feel the habit bleeding away, but only to make way for a new beginning.

    When you lose your anchor, you'll be sad to see yourself getting carried away by the waves, away from the nearby shore that seemed so familiar, so fulfilling.

    A few years ago, I lost someone very dear, forever. This person gave me my heartbeat. At the day of separation, almost everything was taken away from me, people who should help me, who receive my money paid in taxes for promises to help people in need, spat in my face and split the newly acquired loot between themselves.

    No more was it possible for me to live a "normal" life. No more could I fit in social interactions without something being "off". No more standing on solid ground, being able to just lay back carelessly if I so wish to.

    No more, have I lived wasting as much time and potential as before, because now every next step counts more than ever.

    As the quote goes: "A ship is safe in harbor but that's not what ships are for."

    Seek in life not for a better harbor, but for ways to improve the ship.

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