A Poem About Snow

isn’t it beautiful? how the snow
occasionally slows not a collective stop,
but each individual flake floating in the air,
freely wandering, calm.
a real of stillness. and isn’t it beautiful?
how even when the gust of wind comes to disturb the innocent drifters,
beyond it lies an unchanging white blanket
plastered behind every scene, an endless pale sky
a swaying tree branch, heavy under the millions of
infinitesimal white settlers. listen.
and isn’t it beautiful? how when the wind fades,
and stillness returns, how everything stops once again
and the sound of each individual speck landing on the piles of matching white beneath
it reverberates through the air.
and how its landing shakes the earth and how yet the loud landings
don’t rattle the serenity of the scene. watch. listen.
isn’t it beautiful?

10 thoughts on “A Poem About Snow

  1. You're an awesome poet Mel! This makes me wish that it snowed in California… 

  2. That was beautiful Melly, wish I could visit there! But first I gotta say that RIDLEY IS EVEN MORE ADORABLE IN A VIDEO! Like seriously I was like she's so cute while she was pulling the branch!

  3. This is such a beautiful poem Mel, so many beautiful words!! <3
    and this has made me really mad at where I live because we had literally no proper snow all winter 🙁

  4. this is so good! Also I wish it snowed here 🙁 I've never seen it snow. and this end screen is super cute!! 

  5. Wow, this is lovely! There was something really calming about watching it!

  6. I love short poems set to video! Thank you so much for sharing it!

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