A poem about the Internet

Hey friends! My name is Kyle, and I wrote this poem for us. It’s about the internet. The internet’s a special place. It’s filled with many things! Like kitten pics and funny gifs and lots and lots of memes. the Internet can tell you what the weather’s gonna be! Or how to fix your tire or the volume of the sea! The internet can bring you books or groceries or jokes. The internet can give you likes or laughs or frowns or pokes. But still with all its power there are things that it can’t do. Sometimes I can forget that and I bet that you can too. See, deep inside the internet is just some ones and o’s. It doesn’t have a heart that beats or any blood that flow. It doesn’t have a hand to reach to someone who’s in need. It cannot dig a hole for you. It cannot plant a seed. The internet can show you all the reasons you are right. The internet can lace your gloves, but it can’t make you fight. The Internet can hand you facts to help you make your mind. But it can’t give you compassion and it cannot make you kind. The Internet can tell you that the circumference of the earth, but it won’t know much larger things like how much you are worth! Or better yet the worth of someone different from you, whose tweets and snaps and hashtags have another point of view. That’s something that you’ll have to learn, or should I say decide. Because the value of a person comes from what they’ve got inside. And inside stuff is hard to see especially through a screen. It’s easier if a table is the only thing between. And maybe there’s some coffee or some donuts are some tea. Or nachos or burritos or the game Monopoly. See when you sit across from someone and look into their eyes and see the freckles on their nose that’s when you realize that we are very different but we’re very much the same and finding things in common is more fun and casting blame. And eating food together is a better way to talk Cause it’s hard to be too angry when your mouth full of guac. So next time you are battling with tapping finger tips perhaps step back and open up a big old bag of chips. Then have your enemies over and turn them into friends. Then do that twice, then do it thrice, then do it once again. Yes the internet is wonderful but so are tacos too! And peanut butter sandwiches and yogurt in a tube! And if we reached for those things more and reached for these things less, I think we’d be much better off… at least that is my guess. But if you disagree with me, I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’ll bring the fizzy sodas, you bring the tater tots

10 thoughts on “A poem about the Internet

  1. I was following the progress for this on your Instagram. It turned out so great! Amazing work, Kyle! I love the message!

  2. Ooh back at it again with the cardboard. loved this. Cant imagine the clean up involved with all the cutting.

  3. love the video and the poetry. Kinda disagree with the message. The internet does connect people when they cannot be in the same place. But some people do use it instead of meeting IRL which is something that does bother me about other people.
    As for the disagreeing and insulting each other part…….some people deserve to be argued against and insulted. Some don't. It's all about nuance at the end of the day. And as for your offer to meet in person……….no……………….just no.

  4. What a beautiful message and one that needs to be heard.

    Adding this video to a new monthly EdTech playlist, along with a Storytelling playlist that I am creating.

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