A Poem by Polly Poindexter

(Music) This is Select Women’s Choir. (Music) We’ve been working on a piece called Hands. Ready, 18… Any song that you learn that’s new is going to be challenging. You know how women’s choirs are We need inspiration and here it is. This one in particular is definitely more emotional. Hands..(singing) Good, but you can’t breathe before hands. It’s inspired by the ever wonderful Miss Polly Poindexter, who was our registrar here at Rock Canyon High School. (Music) So many of these girls sort of grew up with Miss Polly. My family and I were really close with Miss Polly. I’ve probably known her since I was a baby. I actually met Polly when I was five. And she used to fake all sorts of illnesses stomach bugs, headaches, whatever, to get to go down and visit with Miss Polly. I’m sick, gotta go to the nurse. Miss Polly wasn’t fooled for a second. (music) Then when she came to work here, she was just the light of our lives. She was the kindest, most caring, loving person anyone has ever met. She fought constantly for the student who was being forgotten. Sometimes I kind of feel a part of that. That’s mainly why I’d go is because I always felt alone but she was always there. (music) It’s been kind of a crazy year lots of ups and downs. Unfortunately we lost her pretty quickly to cancer this summer. When we found out from the email from the school that Miss Polly had passed away it was a complete shock. When I told my mom of her passing she was devastated. At her memorial service, a poem was shared that she wrote. We found it in her office, called hands. (singing) Hands to you… (sigh) And it talked all about the influence that these hands had had. Every crack and every crease had been earned from some good doing. Remember me now (singing) You don’t really get the chance to sing for a piece that’s actually made for somebody that you know. She had been told when she was in elementary school that there are two types of birds. There’s a singing bird and a listening bird, and that she was a listening bird. Isn’t that horrible? (piano) She would say so it’s my job to find you the singing birds, so that I can be a listening bird. (singing) To me, this is my chance to say thank you. Right now, I’m losing someone, and I’m reminded again, shoot I didn’t tell this person how much they meant to me. Welcome everyone. I have a lot of thank you’s I need to say to Miss Polly. Some of them I’ve said and I want to say again, and some of them I never said. This piece has a text by our wonderful Polly Poindexter. There’s someone in your life, hopefully still, who’s doing something for you that you need to say thank you to. Remember me now… That line every time we say it. Before I go away. It’s like a knife to my soul of what I wish I could still say. (Sigh) Sorry. (clapping) It’s a really heart-warming moment, because you know you’re continuing her legacy. And everybody’s going to say Polly Poindexter for hundreds of years! I’d probably tell her, like, thank you for helping me grow up into, like, the person that I am now. It’s a great feeling. These are my hands. (applause)

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