A poem I wrote titled: The darken wood.

The darken wood by Javier Estrada There is a darkened wood in my mind where the trees reach to the night sky and the river that runs along the edge of this forest crashes into the rocks and The clay the drips into the stream tainting its pure and still form. I am myself in the blackness naked and unseen in these woods. I am there now. I have always been there alone Now before me the fissure that rips apart the earth and the fallen leaves surround me Here in the emptiness my desires die There are the yearnings for the warmest of the touch to feel the joy and to be loved and to be seen by someone anyone fade away I Preferred the voiceless and mute. I Prefer now the empty gaze as they all walked by me Everyone on the planet is so clever and smooth Everyone is so seen and they all know the hidden meanings of life the facts about the earth boundless chemistry and models of behavior that decypher your being Everyone is moving forward with firm intent in outward city streets away from the woods with the purpose of their lives and all the years of their learnings and teachings through texts and experiences as I am standing still I Want to vanish into the nothingness the ink and the immense tapestry and flow into the vast unknown of the stars as I disappear that darkened wood will burn and the ashes will be claimed by the dirt as if it was never really there and neither was I Never truly there

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