A Poem of Prem Rawat | Nij Hriday Mai Deedar Kar | Margdarshan | Ep 112 | 1 Oct’17

‘Oh human, do this.’ ‘Look in your own heart.’ ‘Bring the one far
from you, close to you.’ ‘There are many types
of knowledge in this world.’ ‘Knowledge of cooking.’ ‘Knowledge of flying
an airplane.’ ‘Knowledge of painting.’ ‘Knowledge of photography.’ ‘But it’s said… …that the knowledge which makes
you reach that supreme bliss… …is the best knowledge.’ ‘Learn something from this,
think something from this. Just as water is for the fish,
what is it for you? If your breathing stops… …going to the moon,
watching cinema… …eating laddu, eating food… …cooking food… …sewing clothes, painting,
taking photographs… …will be of what value? What will you be able to do? First of all… …you have to be alive. When you are alive… …then all these
things can happen. And if your breath is not on… …then nothing will happen. Do you have knowledge
of this breath? ‘This is the price of your
hard work.’ ‘Sometimes it goes up,
sometimes it goes down.’ ‘Sometimes it goes up,
sometimes it goes down.’ ‘Oh human, do this.’ ‘Look in your own heart.’ ‘Bring the ones far from you… …close to you.’ ‘The decisions of this world… …are not always
in your favour.’ ‘Love the one who is… …with you in your difficulties.’ Who is in difficulties? Who is in difficulties? Everyone? There’s a saying in English… …that when the weather
is alright, everyone is with you. When there is some problem,
everyone runs away. Isn’t it? The parents started dying. I have heard this myself. The boy is saying… …’Call me when you
actually start dying.’ ‘I don’t easily get
leave from work.’ ‘That’s why I cannot come.’ ‘When you are actually
about to die… …then call me.’ How do they know
when they will die? Oh human, do this,
look in your own heart. Bring the one far
from you, close to you. You lost what you received. Now you are worrying. When a man is young… …he has only one worry. When will I be older? And when he becomes old… …he has only one worry. Oh, I was young! ‘You lost what you received,
now you are worrying.’ ‘From rich, you became poor… …atleast now have some shame.’ ‘Oh human, do this,
look in your own heart.’ ‘Bring the ones far from you,
close to you. He is close, but you have
put Him far from you. Why did you put Him far away? Well, all others came in between. There’s a queue of so many
people in between… …Lakshmi ,you also come,
he also came, they also came. I have to do this and that. She’s my grandma, she’s my aunt,
I have to do this and that… I have to do this
for her and that for him. You have made a queue of many things
that the one you wanted to know… …you were not able to know Him.
You put Him so far from yourself. See Him in your heart. ‘You received the lamp of knowledge,
but you extinguished it.’ ‘In this dark night, look
after yourself a little.’ When that lamp of knowledge
will be extinguished… …there will be
a very dark night. That’s why Guru-Maharaj says… …’Don’t let this lamp
of knowledge be extinguished.’ What? Practice this. Do how much ever
you’re able to do. But do it for sure,
because this lamp… …should not get extinguished.
If its extinguished… …then there will be
such a dark night… …such a dark night that you’ll
not know what’s to be done. You’ll be confused. The string of love… …ties you with love. Since that string broke… …wait for your downfall. ‘Oh human, do this.’ ‘Look in your own heart.’ ‘Bring the one far
from you, close to you.’ If you’re facing a bad time… Isn’t is said, Didn’t you
remember Him in happiness? Who remembers Him
in times of happiness? I have to do this, that. I’m busy.
My cellphone… …my this phone, my motorcycle… …my car, my this,
blah blah, it goes on. Nobody pays attention to this. They get absorbed in other things. And when sadness comes… Young people can’t
understand this. It will happen. They are ready to give guarantee. Never leave His company… …who is within you. Because one day… …one day, your outer self… ..will be over. On that day, this vehicle… …this vehicle,
by which you can hear… …this vehicle,
by which you can see… …this vehicle,
by which you can smell… …this vehicle,
by which you can taste… …this vehicle,
by which you can think… ….isn’t it. And this skin, this
vehicle by which you can touch… …and feel, and which you
show to people… …you show the skin… …you make it the right colour. This is just skin. It’s dust! The dust on which you
are sitting… …the dust which you wash… …the dust by which… …that’s also dust. That which you wash, and comes
out, that’s also dust. You are separating dust
from dust but one day… …you’ll not be able to do it.
That’s the point. All these vehicles… …will all get packed. All will be gone. And the swan within… …will also go away. The outer self will come to an end. That’s it! You came to here,
what did you achieve? The world says,
there’s nothing to gain here. Just enjoy here, have fun. There are such people
in this world that say… …why do you want to sleep? Why do you want
to sleep at night? One day you will have to sleep
forever. There’s a big difference… …between the sleep at night
and sleeping forever. When you sleep at night, atleast
you wake up in the morning. When the other sleep
will arrive… …when you will fall asleep,
you will never wake up. You’ll never wake up. Know this, understand
this thing. ‘ You’ll not stay, but go,
This pain will trouble you.’ ‘Forget about your body,
meditate with every breath.’ ‘Oh human, do this.
Look in your own heart.’ ‘Bring the ones far
from you, close to you.’ When we take on a human body… …that we get. We seek joy… …from it. Utmost joy. It is something… …that has no limit. We can enjoy as much
as we want in our lifetime. So what did the creator do? What is it… …that could give utmost joy… …except utmost joy. So what did He do? This body… …as long as it’s breathing… …He has built his temple… …in every living being’s heart. There’s a temple in the heart
of every living being. And if a person wants… It’s not compulsory. If a person wants… …to have utmost joy… …then he could
experience that joy. When someone falls in
love with someone… …what he prays? God! Help me meet my beloved. Everyone makes demands. But they are not ready to
accept what they have. What is there… Because
whatever a person is enjoying… …it’s not a reward
for the deed of his past life. But the result of the
deed of his current life. Current life. People believe that
they get the reward… …for the deeds of
their previous life. In the previous life… …I bit someone as a dog. So he biting us in this life. What’s the truth? ‘By God’s grace alone,
does one get human birth.’ ‘So, all of us who have got a human
body should value this blessing.’ What do you pray for? Money? What do you pray for? What do you pray to God for during
your exams? God, help me pass. Not that you work hard
and pass the exams. Isn’t that possible? God has given you brains, use that. It’s not that… …the Creator has
left any flaw in us. He has given everything to humans. He has given everyone… …according to their needs. Honeybees… …have instruments… …to extract nectar… …from the flowers. You and I don’t have that. Being humans, we have
stepped on the moon. But if we need honey… …then we need honeybees. How big honeybees are? Tiny. And we are scared of it too. Because it has given it one
more thing to sting us. So that everyone
stay away from it. Otherwise all the hard work
it does… …to make honey… …and nothing would be left for it.
But the Creator has made… …such an arrangement for
it, that when it comes… …then everyone fears it. What does an ant need? An ant doesn’t want to go anywhere. An ant didn’t desire… …to go to Kolkata from Mumbai. An ant didn’t desire… …to travel overseas. But ant has what it needs. Humans have everything
but when famine strikes… …he gets terrified. He doesn’t get to eat. That’s not the problem
with the ants. Whether there’s famine or not… …it will get something
to eat anyhow. Because the Creator has made
an arrangement for everyone. Human’s luck… …can’t be measured with money. My point is… …what I mean is… …your luck can’t be
measured with money. It can’t be measured
with children. Because there is no family… …where a father didn’t
scold at his son. Or there is no family… …where a son didn’t think
that he is being mistreated. For a kid, going to school
everyday is not fair. Why? He doesn’t want
to go to school. But a father forces him to go. Neither with money,
nor with the job. They pray to God. What do they pray for? God, get me a job. What God does? He makes everyone’s
recommendations. Because human wants
to be valued… …with all those things. He wants to be compared
with such things. But that’s not the right thing. What is it, with which you
should be compared with? I’ll tell you. That thing is… …being alive with this breath. You want God’s blessings. You want God’s blessings. God, who is omnipresent. He id the foremost being. He is everyone’s lord. You will be shocked
when I’ll tell you… …that you are already
under His grace. You are scared. You are afraid. You are afraid to
lose God’s grace. But you are already
under God’s grace. ‘You’ve refused the one
who gave you everything.’ ‘Now the medicines are ineffective,
just treat your sadness.’ ‘Humans, do this.
Look into your heart.’ ‘Bring the one closer to you,
who is away from you.’ ‘Many came and left in this world.’ You arrange something
before your departure as well. Getting hold on your thoughts
is the most important thing. That kind of knowledge
is not better than anything. It helps you concentrate.
There’s nothing better than that. Knowledge is knowledge.
It’s an effort. It helps you open up
and gives you joy. You are full of joy. Like I said, utmost
joy is within you. Get to know it better. Experience that and
succeed in life. It’s not a complicated thing. It’s not a teaching class… …to tell you the
meaning of everything. Here nobody will tell you… …about your horoscope. Nobody will explain you… …the effect of planets… …on your horoscope. What will all the planets do? All of them can’t harm
you when you are… …under the Creator’s grace. All the planets will… …keep coming and leaving. Creator of the entire universe… I’m not just talking about earth. Creator of the entire universe. Maker of the universe. When you are under His grace… …then what do you lack? That shouldn’t happen. Focus on your life. Don’t pay attention
to useless things. Learn on your own. If you want to learn… …then exercise and understand it. ‘You’ve loved a lot, but
couldn’t find a true lover.’ ‘Love prays to God to help it
finds the true soul mate.’ ‘Oh human, do this. Look
in your own heart.’ ‘Bring them closer who
are distant from you.’

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  1. गुरु महराज जी आपको कोटि कोटि धन्यवाद

  2. Thanks premrawat ji apne meri life ko change kar diya hai kin sabdo se mai apko dhanywad du mere piya

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  4. बहुत सुन्दर पर्व्छन् है
    आनंद से ह्रदय झुम उठा आपका धन्यबाद प्रेम रावत जी🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद प्रेम रावत जी।

  7. Hardik naman premrawat ji. Mere jevan ko santimay aur anandmay bnane ke liye aapka bahut bahut abhaar.

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