A Poem on Death and Heaven | Emotional Poem

I once told stories about a man named
death like he was a stranger that I’d one day see then I was surprised by how real
he is when death came to visit my family I once imagined heaven was so far
away like it’s a mystical world unknown but when my friends went up there to
stay I remembered the heavens my home

14 thoughts on “A Poem on Death and Heaven | Emotional Poem

  1. This made me cry.. So beautiful . Yes, Heaven is our true home! The spirit keeps living and love never dies.. Thank you for this

  2. Explaining to a new Christian recently how Earth is no longer our home once we are believers. It’s going to take some time for that to sink in with them.

    As always thanks for a top notch video.

  3. Amen, heaven is where all of Christians should seek to be when the time comes.
    So sorry for your loss by the way

  4. this was touching, god bless you. subbed#334,
    thanks for your support too, god be with you.

  5. Oh wow to your ability to articulate the pain in such a powerful way. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Man. Death of a friend or loss of loved one is always so difficult and painful. It never really goes away fully. But knowing that we will one day be united again, in our Heavenly home, I find peace. I pray DAILY for many that do not yet know Him or have not accepted Him. Beautiful poem and video Joe.

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