A Poem Series

A heavy weight in my chest A thick feeling in my heart Jumbled up thoughts in my head Help! I feel heavy Can’t seem to feel myself I’ve been lost in translation and I can no longer find myself Do I have a self? Who was I before all this? A young girl filled with no hateful thoughts Love was indescribable to me As it was just always there People who were there, but never felt there Those who leave and (want to) come back Who am I? And what do I want? I’m always asking others about my self Unsure with me I’m scared and lonely Am I second choice? Am I the leftover? I’m the only one in my head Is that enough? Is that why I have created another? Is that why I am constantly molding my personality? Lately I’ve been feeling unneeded and not enough There are those who want to be there f or me, but I won’t let in Or can’t? Or just don’t know how to? Are they enough? Am I enough? One day I would like to know May all my dreams and hopes come true May the mind enable itself and may the universe and The Creator allow I pray and wish for all good things in my family I pray for all those that are tired of praying Including me

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