A poem to all ‘Lost Poems’ by Wole Soyinka

Alyce's lost poems I think frustrated by the fact that I cannot lose scraps of poems still in the making before they are finished and so on I decided to take my revenge and just write compensate myself by writing a poem to my lost poems I think sometimes of poems I have lost maybe they're lost it was that saved the world still they do get lost and I recall them only when a fragment levitates behind discarded invoices the blackened notice of a last goodbye a birth a wedding invitation and other milestones of a lesser kind the moment torments why beyond an instance passion dubious flash Satori in a bar taxi or restaurant an airport waiting lounge that births this scribble on a stained napkin or cast of the ephemeral once resonates then spurns the mind the morning after all that survives mimics her wrinkled petal pressed between pages of long discarded books a falling leaf trapped briefly by the passing Sun it flashes a mere shard of memory but filled with wistful accusations of abandonment too late no life to it the book is closed the moments exaltation or despair drowned in wine rivers shriveled in sons of Greater wars I turned these scrapbooks of a moment's truth to cinders there curling's curse in smoke one small fugitive beyond recall of usurpers summons by the morning after I think of voices I have lost and touches the fleeting brush of eyes that borrows deep within the heart of need the pledge unspoken the more than acts of faith that forge an instant world in silent pact with strangers deeper deeper bonds and the dearest loves embrace you

4 thoughts on “A poem to all ‘Lost Poems’ by Wole Soyinka

  1. Very Pretty. A reach into thelost morning afters. Thank you for sharing.

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