A Poem To My Depression

When the legends are told,
And the stories unfold, Shimmering like mist
And shining like gold, Your body will be sold Burnt in a blazing fire, What was your last desire? You wanted to run and break free,
But it had a cost, You wanted to explore and make life an adventure But isn’t life already one? You are born and then you die,
People say their last goodbyes. Where were they when you were breathing? What troubled life were they leading? You become a lost soul in the chasm of a million others, You finally find yourself wandering
And then wondering Maybe death is better than life Maybe death is livelier than life itself You used to sit in your dark room all day,
Wondering why you couldn’t move, sleep, eat
And then repeat? Why were you so different than the rest? You used to think about the demons lurching in the corners,
Trying to pry on your soul When the darkness of the room spread and entered your mind They danced, they enjoyed
They were hauntingly beautiful. Some days even you used to dance along
When no one watched, You used to shake your legs and arms and feet
You waited for them to pick you up And straddle you along You felt a heartfelt connection with them You spent more time in your mind,
Always trying to find the purpose of existence Staring into nothingness,
Only to find nothing and absolutely nothing. And absolutely nothing The plays and the scenarios
Building up in your head interested you more than life itself, Real life and reel life is different
Or so I have been taught But isn’t the other one better if the real one
Leaves you distraught? Once bitten and twice shy,
It isn’t the time to say goodbye But with your wings, you too can fly Shine like the setting sun
Which sets upon mankind But you have to memorise the dark before you reach the dawn Oh I can see your frown
With all the fancy filters You try to hide behind How do you really look
I could never find Prancing around like a lion set free,
Your mind raced in every direction possible And left you dazzled and confused
You told the demons to leave but they refused. They had dead eyes and sharp claws You didn’t cut yourself you told mom,
It was the demon’s fault The scars on your hand was a reminder
That pain lasts long, soothing it was That is when life takes a halt. You rejoice the marks like an artwork
Painted with blood, stroked by a razor You were locked up inside your room before,
Now you are locked up in your head And as I stare into your eyes
And you stare back into mine. And as you move around in circles,
You want to break free of them The dance disaster did between the corners of your eyes, I can’t see it
I can only feel it, When you touch my skin and you shine Like stardust blowed out to spread in the universe of chaos Ripping through our body is just a streak of joy, a hint of sadness, a pinch of insanity And there we are, complete! Dear mirror,
We’re the same, but you look better Dear pen,
I strangled your neck just to prove a point Dear diary,
Your pages are filled with ink and blood And ink and blood And ink and blood Dear lights,
Don’t shine on me
I’m friends with monochrome All the places to roam
And I just sit here in the silence of the dark And I’m still searching for the spark

33 thoughts on “A Poem To My Depression

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  2. Amazing poem! Check out mine as well: https://youtu.be/UCA4vOgqV34

  3. He can work a bit more on his delivery but the poem man…its Magical

  4. "but you have to memorise the dark before you reach the dawn" ……☺

  5. Ohhhhhhh myyyyyy Godddddddddd. Saluteee u sirr. U r one of my inspirations . How can someone write too good❤❤❤just cant explain.i m a writer but today i lack words to praise ur poem.

  6. Sir it will be my pleasure if u visit my channel and listen to one of my poems. I dont know such a great poet as u , would like it or not but…. please watch my video and give me suggestions and tips to improve upon.

  7. Lets try to make some difference between story telling and poetry….way of delivering…material is good

  8. Dude, just me or did the first bit sound like the beginning of Demons by Imagine Dragons?

  9. God bless brother, I felt every bit of it and can relate to this on so many levels. Wonderful👏👏👏

  10. Couldn't imagine suffering of being in depression could b penned in this beautiful way..Sir u were awesome👍👏👏👏

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