A POET LONG AGO (official trailer)

we have amongst us a poet an honest-to-god published poet come on the silent stream flowing through its course rocks and bumps in the middle the hard times in the course of life um inspiration go on oh that's nice but you don't have to say well it's true always in mind period before you wrote tell me you got published I don't tell you a lot what happens to abandon love does it fly away like a dove does it crumble and wilt over the way you do when you're not so frizzy huh but if he ever said to me sunny here again this is beautiful this point I would have lived a different life I mean I don't mind my life but if he'd been with me you know maybe I could have taken the rest of it it was a kid Christ I got this thing like a gift and how come God give me this is so stupid maybe I don't deserve it maybe that's why I gave up so easy to get what I mean you

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