A Powerful Reminder of the Status of Our Parents | Sheikh Akram Buksh

aloma sunny was sunny mother and when the prophet of allah traveled in body and soul from mecca to jerusalem and then to the seven heavens to meet allah subhanho wa taala and to be gifted with the greatest gifts this down upon the woman is none other than stolen it is part of alchemy of a belief in Allah that we believe that Rasool Allah WA Nimal 7 when in body and soul this is one of the miracles of of Solomon in Wasilla every other was granted by revelation by Angelina with regard to SIA and I saw a llama in Wasilla and part of this miraculous journey of his llama me Raj a prophet of Allah said regarding this journey the essence of this journey is the establishment of sire of father to me I want removing the mirror launch of a believer is an establishment of Salaam so there was a God our salah does protect our salah and always remember what differentiates us between us and the disbelievers is the establishment of Allah Allah Allah Allah Ta'ala and speaks about one of the most important Commandments brothers and sisters after the establishment of the he and that is being kind and respectful towards one's parents Allah speaks about the importance of given learning gain respect towards the mother and the father one of the signs of qiyama and the prophet of allah so allah writing the celibacy is that the children will show disrespect toward parents and this is something that we see very common right that children sometimes they forget when they spend sometimes children they forget about the tone of their voice when he irritated and then we start raising our voices a lot either mentions and to show the importance of being kind and respectful to lose your parents what a lot of hope and that will do either here everybody daily extender Allah has decreed that you worship none but Allah that's to me and then be kind and respectful towards your parents invaluable to unlearn the kunkuma a happy woman Okinawa if either of your parents your mother or father attain old age never raise your voice to your parents don't think that you know always remember where you stand you can be a doctor a lawyer we have so much more beautiful movie your parents will always be the level of you they will always have the power over you they will always have a great the status that you regardless of what they are and how your parents have been chosen by the most Hamilton and you have a religious obligation to be kind and respectful to them and your generalize in serving them utilized in serving them we are human being and we make it was faced but would me about the words of allah the words of rasul allah wa sallam Samira now Ivana we listen and we the prophet of Allah so Allah in the center than the Companions came to you the city also Allah a family company the light data which actually the most beloved to allah the prophet of allah and aside for a tilapia to perform your song and prank a little value o prophet of allah but actually after the lesson the most sickening most beloved action in the eyes of allah is being kind and respectful towards your hands to be respectful towards your parents one of the most simple ways of attaining done is through Supino errors and that is why would you believe me and why What did he say disgrace be upon that person whose parents passed away and he has an entertainer who serving them the prophet of allah said add me I mean did you know that when you look at your mother and your father and you just smile the prophet of Allah saw along why they were seven see that you will be granted the reward of an exceptional wa allama into this time we find it hard to even smile at our parents to hug them to kiss me there was a valley of destruction mom we need to understand that we require our parents support we require them to have we need their Islam we require their happy as the prophet of allah allah almighty was Adamson and gentlemen adopted a middle man the defeat of the mother and the father is the main gate of paradise you can either make that people bring engage and then the Hadean company be the profitable us in the happiness of Allah lies in the happiness of the father and the dispersion of Allah lies in the dispersion so it is important here brothers and sisters that we have patience with our parents especially with the antique old age and we go out of my way to spoil because one day you know you know hundreds of passed away it is beautiful if you parents and passed away Islam is such a beautiful religion then you still have an opportunity to do something for me number one in blood do you know what happens when you make time when you make dua for your parents your parents in the grave they are granted status in the public and your parents in the credit will say what's happening to me whether is this vodka is messy so the melodica will respond to your mother or father in the grave that at this right moment your son or daughter is making traffic so we need to understand that when you agree and he's very sad and days go by for those parents who have passed away how much do I do we make our parents even 30 seconds your love must be not to my mother at home it could be through your drive is fish between the blessedness of abalone the mass of handle and Ahana will give your parents that is why a summer cottage idea for a parent is really behind and righteous child that will make time for you you can also perform good deeds on their behalf you can give charity on baby now you are giving these hundred dollars on behalf of my father passed away ability as well would be hard I want all the dough out to go to the account we can't do that and you can't believe your parents may not love this our parents and remember dear brothers and sisters even if you parent a little spin in actual vacuum a greater responsibility to show them the love and respect may Allah grant our parents long healthy life in fear honey may Allah subhana WA Ta'ala keep them safe when Allah subhana WA Ta'ala grant our parents will have passed away each other to fill those we like he said and made us a family rather forgive us if we had not fulfilled to half of our parents so havoc along yeah

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