A Public Storage Poem to Help Movers Declutter Their Space

[Heavy breathing] Rapid breath. The walls are falling in. Caving in. For an escape, I go to my room. And then soon, it all becomes clear. That the more I reflect on the many things
I’ve come to neglect have all piled in that room. I look. Guitar. What do I have you for? I mean, don’t you deserve to play instead
of sit. Play in the hands of someone momentarily more
capable of putting your strings to good use along
with the rest of the stuff in the kit? Clothes, boxes, equipment. The endless phobia. But there must be a link. So I take a moment. I think. Storage Store. Age. Two words that when apart might be a problem,
but when used together might be a way to a solution. Store: A blessing. A curse. Filled with everything I need, but containing problems from sights unseen. I take things home and some are used immediately,
repeatedly. While others not even allowed to roam. Age: Being aged. Sitting side-by-side. Lifeless. Motionless. Colorless. Destructing your vision as far as the eye
can see. But just as any agitator, aggressor, oppressor
would be, filled with problems from within that are shallow and hollow. Unexpectedly. Momentary. Change. It’s time for a change. Me. My space. And I, I have said this all before. But after so many countless yesterdays, todays,
tomorrows. Today is the day my things will finally be
unpacked. But no, no, no. They’re not moving in, but out. Out to that Public Storage bin.

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  1. I agree with Jared. This video is obviously the best. #bestpublicstoragevideoever

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