A short AmeriCymru interview with novelists Mari Griffiths and Jude Johnson

hi I'm Terri from America Murray and I'm here in down south wall in center city with drew Johnson and Mary Griffin who are well Schwartz not American or Pacific to Josephine and they're him for the this story American story is a historical novel societies conferences tragically no cost to our office yes absolutely that was my next question how are you how are you ladies fighting force I'm doing it very much it's like amazing to see trees it's amazing to see water usually explained is lovely oh yeah well say I live in Arizona so we don't have to using water so this is very very nice and it's a comfortable this morning I know it's going to be quite warm later but it's very nice right now so enjoying it very much excellent what we have another question yourself to everyone because it's rush to this lecture so good luck to this that's what I wanted to ask you about the theme of your keynote talks at office you gave them a lecture did you not on the Vieira's of yes and I was spreading the gospel the title of the Kings or kingdoms an English Genesis with forward you know remember and the Commission as we know that the name – and it was in fact largely a watched exhale what is amazing is you and your your talk dude well I actually spoke on the difference between different types of native healers and the liver Southwest as my book deals with the classic cultures when the Welsh came to Southern Arizona and how they intermarried with different Native women Mexican women and occasional white woman fearing their variety yes that was it was a little bit of how cultures can intermix implying continuity and also find commonalities because so many of the native rituals are quite similar to the druid ritual and those that are still present die with us absolutely so I did no interview would be complete or lose no America Marie interview would be complete without allowing you to plug your respective tables so very starting with your ifs please in my personal and the one I'm here talk that is called qubits and Englishness no it's about my talking about that is that was a surge Assessor is according to get the title right no changes in the book it's the purpose that story before the recent enduro and this story before our very story and interesting they had fightin opponent went on to be the contribution and the second book gypsy hit me it's called the which 4i the wedge align the ISS so there we are Liz you're not the witch Popeye the story of herring the sand Katherine I have and we're doing really many well that's what happens a conference is too much alcohol is consumed in front of campus but is a whole route immaterial that's what you need to know about Thanks okay root of the Tudor Rose and over the YouTube I adulation I do I have a trilogy as spirits of Linden fire dream of firing rain and the legacy of blood and fire and follows 3/12 brother and 1882 Bisbee moves to 1886 tombstone when they get married start settling and ranching and then 1904 Tucson with the next generation of mix between Welsh and Spanish welcome Mexicans and how that affects their lives as Tucson becomes Anglo side as it becomes involved in the progress of stateless and the United States okay well thank you very much dude and thank you very much Mary and really unlovable movies and the often very young absolutely pardon and we do have interviews with Mary at you that we will honestly include links to those interviews at the bottom of this video post so if you order a move there are ample opportunities to do that on site so thank you for listening it and once again thank you very much Mary and just thank you thank you signing off you

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