A short animation about what love is [ Love is in small things / Puuung ]

Pillow Fight! Win. I don’t like to exercise! I’ll help you. I’ll make you some hot chocolate. You should never leave me. Don’t worry.
I am not the main character in the drama. I’m sorry … You are always pretty. It’s so good! Wake up. I’m so happy to eat good food with you! Wake up. Cheers. I got the flu. Please God, may him get better soon! I love you. Cheese~ It is a gift for you. A beach is still cold.
But the beach that you and I walked together was beautiful. I really wanted to kiss you. What kind of clothes does he like? What should I wear? Hold on. You and me. I’ve missed you. Sparklers are so pretty! Finished! Welcome! The flight was delayed by bad weather. It’s boring. We danced while listening to the waves. I’m ready! I had a hard day today. You need to rest. I need to lose some weight. A diet starts tomorrow! Shall we eat dessert?

100 thoughts on “A short animation about what love is [ Love is in small things / Puuung ]

  1. If you feel lonely, remember youre not alone. Even those happy couples have felt this before they found their soulmate, so don't give up.

  2. I know everyone’s talking about how amazing this relationship which it is I watch this before I fall asleep (the Music is too relaxing)…but damm can we stop for a moment and appreciate how nice their home is and literally anyone would want a house like that ❤️😂 along with this relationship.

  3. This is the most cutest video I've ever seen NO!!this is the most cutest channel I've ever seen ( T ʖ̯ T)♡♡

  4. How cute it is…appreciated all small things what love can do.

  5. For those who are lonely this is a sad video and yet it’s so beautiful and lovely. Happiness is indeed in such small and yet great things.

  6. Wonderful. Thank you for this light on love ❤️, and what that means. Your animations are soo classy. Righteous.

  7. i thought the song was Because of you (by Taeil of NCT) akdjsksjs idk if its true

  8. 2:25 estaban viendo Goblin? :,D porque lloré en esa parte tambien TcT !!
    Were they watching Goblin ?, because I also cried in that scene.

  9. When you're hopeles romantic and watching this. Like bruhhh… Y u doing dis to meeeee.

  10. Dime, como le hiciste para entrar aquí, por que todo el tiempo solo pienso en tiiii


  11. Watching this… gave me tears because the girl looks just like me. And.. the guy looks just like… sigh a guy I used to know. It's a long story but I loved him. I still do. but I made an idiotic mistake 2 and a half years ago, and it eats me alive to this day. I saw him last year after not seeing him for over two years, and I had pictured the moment and had dreams of the moment. But.. my nightmares of the moment became my reality. He didn't even want to look at me. It took me a year to try to not think about him, and recovering from that moment. And it seemed I was finally moving on until.. I prayed to God asking him to show me who my future husband is. That night.. I dreamed about him. I hope it is true. All I want to do is run into his arms and cry and opologise a million times. I'm so sorry Skyler. I love you.

  12. I extremely loved it!❤️❤️ and I'm so blessed to have that kind of man for 6 yrs. now 😊😊 praying for everyone to find same great love!!! 🤗🤗

  13. Everytime I tried to avoid because it gives me the feels qvq. When I watch it makes me feel better uvu so I watch it.

  14. Si llega ese momento en que te das cuenta de que no hay nada mas importante que valorar a esa persona que tanto amas y apreciar cada pequeño detalle.

  15. What is the kind of love the video trying to say? I mean, just the one related with having a girl in my life? I am not able to get that, i have put a lot of effort but i cannot find it. I suppose i must change my mind in another direction, where i can feel good being alone.

  16. Saya mempunyai suami seperti ini.. kami sudah pacaran sejak 2010 dan menikah sejak 2017.. suamiku selalu memperlakukanku dengan sangat baik.. dia adalah sahabat hidupku semoga suamiku sehat selalu. I love u suamiku 💕🤗

  17. i hope ill be lucky and blessed to meet a man like that ,when its time , when im ready to dive in

  18. Hayatları çok güzel. Tam böyle bir hayat isterdim. Sessiz huzurlu gülğcüklü eğlenceli aşk şefkat macera dostluk herşey var

  19. Please someone can tell me what the title of that beautiful background music is?😍😍😍😣

  20. Reminds me of me and my boyfriend. He's the best thing to ever happen to me

  21. If i am not wrong these are the same characters from the book which was there in w two world.

    2:25 scene is from goblin (love it)

  22. It's always those small little things that make it right. Always give way to your partner, don't fight to whose superior (coz you two should be at the same level). Always be the one to serve your partner (the feeling is too pure and humble). Small positive things to say will eventually build up their confidence (say less, more point). Give her your genuine love (coz no matter how tough you girl is, she will always have that one precious area in her heart that will love you back)

  23. I pray I find this kind of love one day fr. I wanna love a girl like this and I hope she does the same for me.

  24. Dude this just made me realize how much more of a DUMB HOPELESS STUPID ROMANTIC I AM. I HATE ITT.

  25. Okay everyone is talking about being single I know sad;-; I feel bad for them I went through that and I got a love, and this… they sent it to me, the first one they found it again I’m happy I’m glad that they sent this to me I cried a lot

  26. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever watched, and I really look forward to having a relationship like this but who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️🥰

  27. When you have a crush, and hoping this could be you both someday after marriage.❤💏

  28. I'm empty, just devoid of happiness and will to get out of bed. I'm lonely.

  29. May… all of our future will be like this happy with the person we are meant to be with .. Amen..

  30. Puuung beautifully portrayed romantic stories through daily life activities. Me and my husband really enjoy these videos, it makes me love him more

  31. Makes me wonder if I can find it. I have so much hate, yet… I feel like I just want to be loved. If I can find that I’ll ditch all the hate I have and live a life like this.

  32. 2:40 почему я заплакала на этом моменте?

  33. me encantó tanto que ni las mismas palabras pueden demostrar lo mucho que me encato

  34. I just want to thank you and my ex-wife for showing me this. After the war I became something broken and lost. I broke my wife's heart so badly the trust could never recover. I just wish I had seen this a few years ago. Maybe she would still love me and maybe I would still love myself. Thank you for sharing this with the world, you saved my life. I will pass this forward in my next relationship and pray to all the gods of the universe I don't fuck it up.

  35. Love is apparently one person doing everything in the relationship. That bitch did like three things for the guy. Got him coffee, rubbed his back, and took care of him when he was sick. GG.

  36. The only relatable thing about the video is when the girl said "I don't like to exercise"

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