A Stable Genius Explains Gun Control

The recent mass shootings have had a profound effect on me. I have felt immense grief, Experienced tremendous
torment, And suffered sorrow, like you wouldn’t believe. But I’m not the only
victim here. Melania – she’s also very sad too. Everyone agrees that we cannot let
this happen again. That’s why I’m dedicating the rest of my presidency to pass the strongest possible gun control laws. That the NRA doesn’t have a problem

20 thoughts on “A Stable Genius Explains Gun Control

  1. "And that's why I, Donald J Trump, am banning Fortnite in the United States"

  2. He who determines what politics is about — and not about — runs the country!

    Trump is a master in controlling the talking points as president.

    Not only in the USA, but also globally where he is promoting his interests. His skill in dominating how conflict — real, potential or as threat — is focussed on how these conflicts are structured by rules that suit him. To play the game according to his rules at that moment.

    Trump is exploiting preferred kinds of conflict making it possible for him to create a competitive advantage, to create a monopolistic position and to mobilize bias in the 'management' of these 'problems' with the effect that he determines what is 'in' and what is 'out' — his own preferred problem priorities turned into opportunities for him.

  3. This is exactly why this technology needs to be in the hands of the people and not partisan hacks pushing #fakenews

  4. I'm not American so please ELIA5 but why does he have to do what the NRA is cool with?
    Isn't he the one in charge?

  5. Most Democrats are part of the Democrat deception and BS's goal is to trigger the emotional minds so that we will never become critical thinkers with the insight to put in place real change know or know the true root cause of these recent – and all mass shootings !

    All Democrats have a personal agenda to seek office for themselves and to disarm all city venues in order to receive the Financially Elite Enslaver Endorsement and candidacy !!!!!

    Please…. if you can, just take a close look at what Democrats have been doing in recent years relating to our 2nd Amendment and how they have been literally allowing children to die in order to disarm the USA, then we will be on the same page.

    I'm sure that you are unaware that all the the recent school shootings were primary caused by Democrat Politicians simply because most city venues have been disarmed by ignorant emotional Democrats who cannot see beyond the gun.

    So they armed their own Gov Buildings, while forcing hundreds of bad gun laws which disarm all cities. Here is one that you do not know about called THE GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES ACT which is why children have been dying in their own schools while Gov buildings are protected.

    You may also not be aware that Democrats get Big Payola from Big Pharma to administer many of the mass shooters with dangerous psychotic drugs which are labeled.."Danger…may cause suicidal thoughts" !!!!!

    And yes, many of the psycho-shooters were on these drugs…… Sandy Hook.

    So you see, these shootings were never about the gun, this is a Democrat plan to disarm children's schools and all city venues…. empowering all psycho-shooters who see these disarmed venues and easy access, target rich killing fields.

    And after people are shot dead (( in bars, schools, concerts, Walmart"s….)) these city disarming Democrats stand-up in their AR 15 Protected Gov Buildings and point down to the dead children in the disarmed cities and say…… "All citizens must give up their guns"

    Hitler did the same thing ! Then once the capable normal capacity rifles were taken from the good citizens of Germany, he built his 3rd Reich and the Democide began.

  6. Your channel name and profile pic is somehow more insulting than the previous one

  7. Have you ever considered doing a collab with someone who does deepfakes? This is so convincing.

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