A Tiger’s Beginning (One Shot Poems)

Welcome to the nation where everyone that lives here dies but not everyone that dies here in this welcoming nation lives We tread lightly as we go. We do whatever we please Lie a little from what we know in order to find some sweet release trying to find serenity in the most unusual places Trying to find companionship in the strangest of faces Turn to Mountains for beauty turn to Islands for waves turn to beaches for tranquillity turn to rises for Saves A Nation I describe as between yellow turmoil and independent peace With sheeps following occurrences in a blight that will never decrease For a man does not deserve the gift from God, but God gives man what he deserves You can’t blame the sheep’s for being a little hopeful for the future If all they know is being herded for a promise of a great adventure However, I’m a tiger never to trust anyone unless it’s necessary. Who Can make his own adventures with choices labeled arbitrary? People search for all nine clouds from unknown locations they even search for all seven heavens from trivial celebrations When all they need the earth beneath their two feet and a song that shall make them dance in a heartbeat as A tiger I walk alone with inspiration leaving without me With stripes hiding me from the crowd but still keeping my identity Eccentric are my actions. I pray on youth and energy for Nostalgia absorbing their infinite pools of high spirits and directly to become a little bohemia It’s all pretend a method for the craft a mask to hide the ordinary But it’s kind of fun being somebody else a luminary from Imaginary to illusionary Rather than follow What was written improvisation required and fast-thinking Part of the tricks of the trade to give it exquisite flavors and make it alluring For what thine mine shall be prepared and what you shall prepare thine mine Dealing with cards through a Gambit less known to other experts Shuffling hustling and gambling to turn the doubters to converts Making them agree to covenants to play a non zero-sum game Where everybody gets to benefit with even odds and balanced acclaim? The only struggle is the required belief to trade and alliances proposed For not everyone are sheeps in this nation some of them are wolves opposed wolves like crabs that pull and kill everyone that gains higher ground With magician like reasoning where the illusion makes even the truths confound with a tiger’s grasp towards reality slowly becoming fully formed the stripes shall tardily make an Empire from A Forest transformed To establish legacies that are new to all sheeps wolves and my fellow tigers and celebrate a life well-lived instead of death filled with regret that badgers So now this tiger begins with the agenda of turning doubters to converts by using a blue pen and papers writing from Beyond the outskirts So there after ends a bus station to a tiger’s beginning Hear me roar hear me growl as this monster starts winning For I am not a shining star like diamond, but you are a diamond like star that will shine because when all else fails we give out a smile through whatever and when all else fades, we shall shine forever and ever

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