A Very Car Guy Christmas – A poem for automotive dealerships

[music] Stuart: “Hi. Twas the night before Christmas
and you’re still at the store although service and parts started drinking at 4. The receptionists
gone, you’ll answer the phone. You ask to go early but a bone wasn’t thrown, because
you make all the dough or so that’s what they say, as you wait here
for Santa to bring Decembers pay. Because you’ll take all the skinnys, big grosses,
and flats, and they throw in a starter, rock guard, winter mats. But Christmas is
special, so the hanging signs say. Winter tires it cost, and in April you’ll pay. Because
you’ll do anything to make a good cheque. A rare breed’s what you
are, so just give me a sec. As I brush off the snow from the cars and the trucks thinking
one day for, you’ll for sure, you’ll be making big bucks.
You’ll go for lunch, as a principal does. Going out with a frown, coming back with a
buzz. As you stand with a snow pro and shovel in hand. Trying to sell the
old stalkers, cause the spiff is a grand. But it’s not all that bad and you’ve made
some good dough. There’s always YouTube and Facebook when winter winds blow.
Another year as a car guy. Another one in the bag. You’ll still blow the balloons, and
put up the flags. But tomorrow it’s Christmas. It’s time for turkey and
ale, but your back the next day for the Boxing day sale. Merry Christmas from Strathcom Media.”
[music] [end]

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