A visually stunning, musical, and poetic exploration of legendary photographer Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethore, the American
photographer mixed the sacred and the profane he brought things you wouldn’t
think of necessarily and in a kind of classical sense of what art is but he
made them so beautiful and unavoidable that he taught us to see and to
understand in new ways the music for triptych the genesis of it
is held deeply in the libretto so the libretto was written by Korde Arrington Tuttle and includes excerpts of beautiful poems as well by Patti Smith and Essex
Hemphill too of Mapplethorpes contemporaries so we have a team of phenomenal vocal
artists there is room full of teeth along with Isaiah Robinson and Alicia
Hall Moran the music allows us to hold many different truths at the same time
so there are many different questions and desires and conflicts in how each of
the artists on the piece thinks about this body of work
the sound of the the piece mirrors a bit what you’re seeing in the images of
Mapplethorpe he’s obviously very consciously rooting himself in classical
form and paradigms italian mannerism and there’s a beautiful vocal tradition of
italian magical 15 to 16th century Italian vocal writings which is in the
heart of the work one of the things that we have this
opportunity to do is to show the photographs at a scale that they were
never intended to be shown so there’s a kind of curatorial set of tools that we
have that is new

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