okay so where you and I are gonna make a tag a writing tag and that just means that after the questions you tagged people and you get them to do it for other significant others we're gonna call it like writers significant other something aren't see like that you don't have to tag well you wouldn't know who to tag I mean you could if you wanted to okay alright so the first question I suppose would be what's your name I don't just introduce you so this is Melissa whoa I'm gonna hold the camera bouncing and we're on a drive so we're gonna do five questions I promise just back and so the first one is what do you think I do every day as a writer you gotta talk loud too so I can't hear you Oh what do you do as a yeah well you know what do you think I do I think one of my days look like you're right Yeah right we're specific more specific okay you wake up uh-huh like penny outside nice it's true and you type geez and what is your openness number two what is your favorite thing about me being a writer and your least favorite thing my favorite thing independence least-favorite any favor is doing the proper deadlines so in other words I should work to get ahead in life so that can take proper deadlines not what should be like longer and actually keeping the river's edge also that deadline doesn't become cool was my third one they're all in okay number three well then it's coming to me oh okay can you summarize the story that I'm working on like what are you what is it about my gosh are you working on you're working on something called a stolen Kingdom nice good member yes and what is it about I've read you the blurb recently cool from that now this is proof that you were paying attention you said I don't care I multitask okay just guess what do you think it's about just making it there's a girl is born with it yet but she can't use her gift because if she's gonna die for some reason very good that's accurate it's always about a girl and then I had another question I don't know if this is gonna work for the tag in sales but yeah so other significant others can just make up advice but what would your advice be for selling more books sell more books no specific yeah give us give us an actionable step Facebook to people connections networking let me check one last question number five is what is your best writing advice either yes you miss writing advice get the damn book that's good advice though write that book and then also what's your other best advice that you always give me specifically more like what should I do or do you say oh yeah yeah well yeah you got y'all the everybody in the book yeah everybody has to die that's a good bug if everybody dies if there's nobody dying I'm not if nobody wants to read your book if everybody's not seriously it has to be loved and there has to be death okay so the fifth on the bonus question because you're very supportive thanks for doing this videos maybe I should leave some story they don't kill everybody I did to one person I can tell is a spoiler how'd you kill you have to read to find out okay so that's everything thank you to Moosa and petty Oh like this video thumbs up and subscribe is I'd say you liked it ferma listen because he's got a joke say you don't like you can just do it again that's how it works on YouTube you just read it okay wait smile for a thumbnail oh you so cute okay Danny you weren't smiling one more time smile


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  2. Awesome advice from Mosen! Love it when he said "write the damn book." YES! Also, that outro music, 😍 Ioveeeee it, what is it called?

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