A Yandere’s Love Poem

Hello everybody, it’s YandereLover here and today is Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Yan-Fans. Now to tell you I was here watching one of shadow759’s videos that…one of his live streams that he previously made. And then I just remembered that I had that I had a poem that I made to read for this Valentine’s Day video, so here we go “A Yandere’s Love” Written by YandereLover, which is my youtube channel. I didn’t put 69…I mean 62 62 because I don’t always put the numbers in whenever I write my YouTube channel’s name, so Okay, let’s begin Roses are red, Violets are blue Be my Valentine, I’m waiting for you Blood is red, bruises are will don’t say no… I see my Senpai, He is a dear I wear his clothes, I steal his hair My panties get wet, whenever he’s near I squirm around in fear Senpai is mine, I make that clear Before it gets ugly here Life is meaningless, without him here, I feel empty, without him near I give.. him.. my heart, and I give him my heart and body, My sweat and tears Senpai is love Senpai is my love, Senpai is my life. And as you can see I drew a picture of three hearts That heart right there is Senpai. The competition’s heart, which is the other person who’s in love with Senpai. And the Yandere’s heart, which has scissors trying to cut the string that ties them together So yeah. It was.. Sorry it’s a short poem, but I kind of got bored, so let me just like… …let you guys.. like look at this poem for a second. You guys can pause and read it, ..but I worked really hard on this. It took a lot of thinking.. to get this. And I hope all my Yan-Fans love it. Bye, and see you see in the next video. Bye

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