Aaj Phir Jeet Gaya Pyaar | Chamaktasitaara | Hindi Spoken Word | Poem | Love/Friendship Who wins?

Let me tell you a little story,but the other way round But let me give you an analysis of everything lost and everything found. There’s this friend I have…. …had When I say ’had’ I mean, this is the end. I know, it’s a little sad. It’s alright! Don’t be dazed I just didn’t want you to be amazed,
I didn’t want you to be amazed with all of this suspense What’s the point of making you go through it, all tense? So now you know how it ends, And we know there’s no scope for the ’happy ending’ pretence. [TEASER PLAYING} On our pursuit to happiness, And running from A to Z and Z to A
We make friends, our chosen family, And we change that family every day Because who gives a shit if friends leave or stay. Grow up, there’s no such thing as ‘BFFs’ anyway! But love isn’t found everyday, it’s exclusive, right? Everyones just trying to fight the reclusive retirement All we need is a steak, beer and the wife! But do we really need that friend to get through life? Like a stray cat that ends up on your porch for cuddles, you’ll find someone to get you across life’s puddles. Its alright, we know they’re not your pet cat We know you’ll find millions of such strays to chill and chat, There’s no such thing as ‘BFFs, grow up! that’s fact! Let’s just go back to my story, let’s begin from the start! We were both poles apart
Our thoughts were never alike If she was day, I was night She was fond of ‘sunkissed’ looks,
I was fond of the faded sky Yet, we were so close Our friendship was almost childlike Where you just fit, and you don’t judge They’re your pillar, they don’t let you budge. Years passed by almost like days We were the constant in every changing life’s phase. There were promotions and job offers, There were scholarship and class toppers There were break-ups and patch-ups And some never-ending annoying days
And we dealt with them in our own little ways Our plans wouldn’t work out most times,
No drifting apart, we were hopeful in our minds To the beaches of Goa, and the hills of Nainital Tried to catch up every summer, efforts were made every fall. Years passed by, just like days
We remained that team, that wins every time it plays Until this one bright sunny morning when she was lovestruck, And you never fall in love gradually, You fall in love with a thud. Everything is fair in love and war, But was this love, or was this war?
There are no borders, no boundaries in love There are no borders, no boundaries in love There are borders only in war. Amidst the chaotic boundaries of love, amidst the blurred line of control in my head I was shocked and I was dazed, was this war just in my head?
I can’t let love win the war Why should I let go, when I have come this far? My team won’t let me lose, I was sure Until I found out, we weren’t even a team anymore! I was stubborn, so I refused to rattle But I was against an army, who was prepared for battle. I started to decipher what this had cost Too much chaos and too many torn apart I couldn’t even fight, I’d already lost The tale was twisted but the lesson is not When you’re in love,
Who gives a shit about BFFs anyway Just like that stray cat, you’ll find someone each day, There’s no such thing as ‘BFFs, grow up! that’s a fact! Because the team has fallen apart, yet the love is intact.

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  1. Shivani bahut hi amazing h .. behad umdaa aur behtarren.. badi asaani se keh diya Apne bahut kuch …superrr like ..waiting for next video

  2. Par pyar thoda bahut thodi na hota hai, pyar toh hota hai beshumar ❤️

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  4. Brilliant! Liked, commented and subscribed! Look forward to more content from you!

  5. Very good! I totally thought about the "BFF" thing the other day! You have these plans to stay friends and then something happens in life…

  6. Wow…This is too good…Sun k accha lga..Dimag me bahut kuch aaya

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  11. Very interesting. This has given me a lot of food for thought.

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