ABC Phonics Song – Things at Home – Alphabet Sounds for Kids – ChuChuTV Surprise Eggs Nursery Rhymes

Hi friends, how are you all today? Now let’s see what surprise I have inside today Yayyyy… Surprise… This is the letter “A” And this is an Album Come on, now let’s look around for some things that start with the letters A, B, C… and more A is for Album A A Album An album is a book where we can save our photos B is for Bathtub B B Bathtub A bathtub is a thing in which we sit to take a bath C is for Clock C C Clock A clock is a device which shows us the time D is for Door D D Door A door is to keep our room open or shut E is for Egg E E Egg An egg is a food which makes us strong F is for Fan F F Fan A fan rotates its blades to give us fresh air G is for Globe G G Globe A globe shows us the countries of the world H is for Helmet H H Helmet A helmet is a hard hat which protects our head I is for Ink I I Ink Ink is the liquid in the pen with which we write J is for Juicer J J Juicer A juicer helps us to make fresh and tasty juices K is for Kettle K K Kettle A kettle is a type of pot to boil the water L is for Lamp L L Lamp A lamp gives us light to read and write M is for Mirror M M Mirror A mirror is a glass which reflects our image N is for Newspaper N N Newspaper A newspaper gives us news from around the world O is for October O O October October is the tenth month of the year P is for Pan P P Pan A pan is a container used for cooking Q is for Quilt Q Q Quilt A quilt covers the bed in which we sleep R is for Refrigerator R R Refrigerator A refrigerator is the machine for keeping things cold S is for Spoon S S Spoon A spoon is a tool with which we drink soup T is for Telephone T T Telephone A telephone helps us to talk to people far away U is for Umbrella U U Umbrella An umbrella is a tool that protects us from the rain V is for Vase V V Vase A vase is used to keep beautiful flowers W is for Wardrobe W W Wardrobe A wardrobe is a shelf to store our clothes X is for Xylophone ZZZ ZZZ Xylophone A xylophone is a musical instrument Y is for Yogurt Y Y Yogurt Yoghurt is a healthy food for the little kids Z is for Zipper Z Z Zipper A zipper is used to hold clothes together

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