ABC Poem – Learn ABC’s on Tea Time with Tayla

Today we’re going to practice our ABC’s Let’s do it together! A is for Airplane, they fly way up high B is for Baby, they sure like to cry C is for Cactus, they are prickly and they are green D is for Dancing, It’s one of my favorite things E is for Earth, that’s the planet we live on F is for Feathers like the one’s on a swan G is for Goodnight, it’s time to go to sleep H is for Hairbrush, so I can keep my hair real neat I is for Ice cream, mmmm it tastes so good J is for Jacket, this one has a hood K is for Ketchup, I put it on all my food L is for Lion, they ROAR when they are in a bad mood M is for Maracas, I have my own pair N is for Necktie just like my Daddy wears O is for Orange, the color or the fruit P is for Puppy, isn’t Mr. George so cute! Q is for Quarter, that’s 25 cents R is for Rocks, I found these by the fence S if for Sand, I like to feel it between my toes T is for Tayla, you Bananas know U is for Umbrella, you use it in the rain V is for Van, it drives down the lane W is for Watermelon, but don’t eat the seeds X is for X-Ray, you can see your bones indeed Y is for Yoga, here is a pose you can do and Z is for Zebra’s that live at the zoo Bananas that’s the whole alphabet! Terrific job! Subtitles by the community

20 thoughts on “ABC Poem – Learn ABC’s on Tea Time with Tayla

  1. Yup, posting this on my FB page, My 18 month old is picky and he enjoys your work/videos.

  2. Learn all of the letters of the alphabet with me 🙂

  3. thanks for the comment!

  4. that is so good! you know your ABC's, awesome job!!

  5. no offence but i hate math , well i like some subjects like graphs. But i LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE science . im going to be a scientist when i grow up. if im hurting your feelings about math , im sorry but its my opinion.

  6. I can't get over how nice and bubbly and happy you are at all times in your videos. If I had kids, i'd let them watch this while they eat their breakfast in the morning or something

  7. A apple
    B bannana
    C cherries
    D dogs
    E easy
    F fine
    G gaint
    H house
    I ice
    J jacket
    K kangaroo
    L loin
    M mom
    N now
    O oh no
    P pink and purple
    Q questions
    R roar
    S snow
    T tiger
    U umbrella
    V voice
    W we
    X xmas
    Y ymm
    Z zebra

  8. F is for fire fighters because they drive fire engines, put out the fires, save cats that get stuck in a tree, and live in fire houses.

  9. a Add
    B bad
    c come
    d dad
    E egg
    cf fat
    G got
    H hat
    I ice
    J Joe
    K kite
    I iot
    m mad
    n nice
    o open
    p pup
    I don't know a Q wuid
    R rat
    S sun
    T Tayla
    U up
    V TV
    w wurid
    x Fox
    y yay
    Z zoo

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