Abraham Hicks. What creative process can a writer take deliberately?

but specifically for a rider what creative process can a rider take deliberately to benefit their writing process in writing a book but when you realize that we're assuming most writers are wanting to write from an inspired point of view in other words it's a really rare person who has been moving through life and has been gathering up pieces of information and now they just want to put all of those pieces of information together for in other words most of you are not writing user's manuals for toasters you're and most of those who write them haven't used the toaster yet in other words and so most writers are reaching for something that's inspired and the thing that we would like to say to anyone who's wanting to write anything is just gather together a handful of characters define who they are put them in a setting and let them talk to each other and they will they will and and if you understand that and if you believe that they will speak through you because there isn't anything that you would like to write about that there isn't plenty of experience that is ready to pour through you in a way that is meaningful and so that's the way we would approach it that's what inspiration is but a writer when this is a particularly wonderful conversation because writers if they've been at it for a while understand what they call writer's block is where sometimes it flows and is so easy and sometimes it doesn't flow so easily or maybe even at all and we want to say to the to a larger group all around the world of deliberate creators you often have living block you often have life block you often have that disallowance that is going on where you're just not allowing inspiration and what that is every single time we can define it for you so clearly you're standing in a place where you believe incorrectly that there is someone outside of you evaluating you and judging you and so you are offering your behavior based upon what their impression of what you are doing will be rather than upon how you're synthesized emotional guidance system alignment between you and who you really are is and so everything that we've been talking about has been about the path of least resistance and the path of least resistance is the opposite to what a writer's block is and the path of least resistance is in harmony with what inspiration is and so as it turns out with writing or with living of a day of life in any way this is the thing that we want to say to all of you it's all about the preparation stay with us we're going to give it to you fully friends say Abraham I've jumped out of an airplane I have no parachute what do you think I should do next and we say hang on it will be over in a little bit because the preparation is sort of paramount the fact that you're in an airplane you've jumped from the airplane and you have no parachute sort of dominates the situation here you get what we're saying so if you are if you've just had a fight with your wife and you haven't liked her for the last 10 years anyway and you have a long list of things about her that annoy you and and you let how you feel about her be the factor that influences the way you feel about most things so you're all watered up and not in sync with your source at all when you sit to write it's going to be bound up it's the preparation you see if you are on the basketball court and you're irritated about the referees bad call and you've convinced yourself that he really is in the pocket of the other team and you really believe that and you're feeling the injustice of that you're all bound up and what you do next is going to be reflected by that you see what we're getting at it's the preparation it's how you feel is how you it's had and how you feel you got to practice yourself into feeling you can't just observe life in all of its variety plusses and minuses pros and cons wanted and unwanted and have your vibration be about all of those things and then step suddenly into a clear place where what you say is going to be inspired it doesn't work like that it's the preparation it's how many walks you take and how many deep breaths you've taken it and and how how much you've quieted your mind and therefore stopped the resistance it's how much you're allowing your cork to float it's it's the preparation you see and it's not a lot of preparation in other words we're not talking about we're talking about 30 days really of deciding that you're an extension of Source Energy and the source has something to say and the source is really unlimited we'll talk to you about anything that it matters to you and the source is particularly expertise on the things that you have defined that are important to you and that they all queued up in your vortex and that anything that you want is ready to unfold ready to be revealed ready ready to be realized by you in a really satisfying way and so it's about the preparation it's not about what you do at work it's how you felt going to work it's not about it's not about how wise you were in the debate that you had with someone it's how much love you had in your heart going into the debate it isn't about it it isn't only about the agility and talent that you've trained your body to perform it's about your attitudinal stance prior to the performance it's the pre paving it's the alignment it's the practice of the energy we talked for quite a while about law of attraction and we said to you you get what you think about whether you want it or not and you liked that to a certain extent but then you couldn't really get your thoughts around it completely and then we begin explaining to you that when you know what you don't want you know what you do want and out of that you are sending these Rockets of desires and that all the do wants are being gathered by the source within you because the source within you knows who you are and what you really do want and so when you know what when you don't have enough money and you want more money because you don't have enough freedom and you want more freedom because you don't have enough leverage and you want more leverage because you don't have enough belief in your ability to choose and you want more belief in your ability to choose in other words all day every day you're honing from life this this creation of who you really are and so we explain to you that there's this vibrational reality that exists but most of you are not up to speed with your vibrational reality because you have awareness of what is that keeps you from being up to speed with your vibrational reality and most of you are offering the majority of your vibration based upon on based upon what you're observing of what has been allowed by you to manifest rather than based upon what's in your vortex because it's nebulous to you it hasn't come into view for you quite yet you're just learning that your vibrational beings and so we talked for quite a while about this vortex we waved our Esther's arm around and pointed at the floor and we said there's a vibrational reality and it's real and it will reveal itself to you but somehow that vibration has to be translated through your awareness into something that is meaningful to you now a writer sort of gets that because the idea wasn't there put the characters in the idea wasn't there in other words knowing what you want want a successful book want to tell a story have something that you want to say in tension and tension and tension and tension and tension going into it and then suddenly you don't know why we do but you usually don't know why you found a line with what's there and when you least expect it which only means when you're trying least to bang it into place then an idea just sort of whacks into your experience and so we began wanting to explain to you how the vibrational reality could more than just waft into your experience as ideas flow into your mind but could be revealed in the form of other people who are bringing with them concepts and money and backing and experience in other words all kinds of tangible things can be realized by you and are supposed to be being realized by you day by day by day moment by moment by moment so we began wanting to find a way to explain to you how you could translate this nebulous to you very vivid and real to us vibrational reality into something that's meaningful and real and that other people can see so that it's not just a dream of a beautiful car it's you're in your driveway and others are seeing it and you're enjoying driving it so it's not just the dream of a wonderful relationship if someone you're walking through life with you're having a good time you're laughing and playing and moving forward together and so we began talking about your point of attraction for a while we called it your grid sort of like the framework of a house that's there but it's going to fill in with more and more detail more the more the pixels are going to fill in as you find more belief more expectation more vibrational alignment with it and so we began talking a lot about your point of attraction and that brought us back round to something that we've been telling you years ago about the different emotions on this emotional chart this the emotions that indicate to you how wide your gap is between who you really are and who you're letting yourself be or how narrow the gap is maybe even non-existent how in alignment or in resistance you are to all that you've become so now we're talking about your point of attraction we began describing when you're on what we are calling this high-flying disk when you are tuned in tapped in turned on when you're feeling elation when you're feeling clarity when you're feeling fun or love there's no variance in you're right now in your body frequency and the frequency of your source of that which you call god of your vibrational reality and when there's no variance in that frequency then the ideas flow to you no writer's block the ideas flow ideas about everything flow your timing and traffic your timing in conversation your timing in the marketplace your timing and buying a lottery ticket your timing in everything your timing in the way you talk to your kids and the time and the timing of talking with your kids everything is enhanced when you're tuned in tapped in turned on when you are in sync with that high vibration the frequency that matches the frequency of your vortex but if you're on Rhee then that's a whole other point of attraction so we begin trying to make this your point of attraction feel real to you are you on the high flying disc where wonderful things are flowing to you are you on the onry disc how would you know you're on the onry disc you feel on me and there's a plenty of Omri people around you it's like everywhere you go someone on Murray shows up until you convince yourself that this is an honoree City or this is an Audrey establishment or this is an honoree this is an honoree planet or this is an honoree and all it is is a world that is delivering to you predominantly the frequency that you are outputting because what you put out is what's coming back to you so as we begin describing these discs guest I said it's like the Seven Dwarfs there's the honor there's a grumpy and there's the sleepy and there's the bashful and with Esther got up to about 200 dwarfs as she's thinking about all of the possibilities but we don't want you to focus so much upon where you are as we want you to be aware that you can change where you are vibrationally but when you're in the midst of it that's the hard time to change it in other words once you're already on Murray it's kind of too late you've already jumped out of the airplane and you already don't have a parachute just just relax it'll be over in a little bit so then we begin describing to you that when you go to bed at night when you go to sleep when your consciousness ceases flowing through this physical apparatus your point of attraction gets a rest the momentum of the thoughts that you've been thinking slows and stops and when you wake up you have an opportunity to start the momentum the way you want it but you can't just jump right back into your life because you'll just pick up the momentum right where it was and you'll just jump right back on the familiar disk where you are and your point of Attraction won't shift much and then conversations like these will just annoy you because it feels to you that you're not thinking your thoughts it feels to you that your thoughts are thinking you it doesn't feel to you that you're choosing who comes to you it feels to you that they're choosing coming to you and that you need to protect yourself from those that might come sometimes but after a little while if every morning when you wake up you acknowledge hey I'm starting new today I've pushed the reset button and I can find a thought that feels good to me and I can hold it long enough that a little momentum will go and as you show yourself your ability to choose the direction of your thought more important to choose the emotion that you would like to feel and then practice it until Law of Attraction says yes that's who you are you on that here's more yes that's who you are you on that here's more here's more here's more here's more here's more until you begin to develop a deliberate stability of where you stand you see so it's from that position we would not try to write a book until we had at least spent 30 days knowing that we were stable on the high flying disc we would not try to we would not go on match but no match calm until we knew because if you go before you're on the high flying disc you'll get matched up with somebody who's on the disc where you are and you won't like them because you'll get what matches you not what matches what you want did you hear that and that's what life is always bringing to you life is always bringing you what matches you and and when you feel negative emotion what that says to you is life is bringing you what matches you not what you want you've got to match what you want before life can bring you what you want and that takes some practice and it takes some faith and it takes them holding the vibration even before there's any evidence it takes using the way you feel as your cornerstone guidance rather than needing evidence Esther said Abraham well don't you think if you would just give us what we want then we could look at what we want and then we could maintain our vibration of what we want we say doesn't work that way you got to find the frequency and then it comes

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  1. Stellar clarity via this clip – "preparation" is primary" TKS MUCHLY

  2. I guess that the saying "when the student is ready the master shows up". I've been following Abraham's teachings, and your channel since 2014 and just saw this video today. And guess what? So meaningful to me. I had some questions deeply answered here. Thanks for uploading it and also for keeping your channel with Abraham's teachings update. It's tremendous help.

  3. So….raise your vibration and do your thing. This is way too complicated.

  4. "Life is bringing you what matches you, not what you want. You have to match what you want before life can bring you what you want."

    Good stuff.

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