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heyo suck it I like guys who else? i bet clunck doesnt well Yeah maybe food=trash just make it better its simple it cant be fresh. its on a plane what about an oven? bear pancakes wait what did we say here? i dont know bear pancakes, i remember i like pancakes you can do that easy Okay normal=Hella gay send help making me subtitle mom is cheating on yo dad normal does not equal normal your normals hella gay normal=gay Excuse me? SAY IT TO MY FACE Want to suck a weenie? i mean, i will. forgot to look what was here Dude this is great I I love to suck weiners, vienna sausages, i mean bruh gum boy and pedophile making young cannibles one step at a time chocolate bars from mars like oh yeah baby idk what to write here jeez lots of chocolate voy al cine Yeah, okay YA I MIGHT PULL UP ON YOUR MOTHER MAKE YOUR SISTER THINK I LOVER (I DONT) My god, I want to shoot myself, just take the shot I LOVE HER BUT I WILL NOT TOUCH HER SORRY i apologize bad man so Hiroshima hiroshima. Where did you go here? Is he my fear of Shima oh? God no I think did you just make that up I have not heard that before I was in the middle class and the kid was doing uh he was doing a concrete poem on World War two so he had a giant mushroom cloud about Hiroshima I didn’t even read it. I just said Hiroshima Hiroshima Where did you go Hiroshima, Hiroshima? Oh god? No? And you know god Im sorry i exist Feel bad for you guys that were in Hiroshima i write depressive thoughts in here stressed, depressed, and sherlock obsessed at best im a petulant mess with no zest a guest whos hard pressed to leave house arrest oh you jest no talent i posses oh you want to test me? just give it a rest tats the end of that so, what now? i mean, i guess i can go hire a hooker and then kill her no one will know unless they read this fucc never tell anyone what you see cock tastes nice the colonels cock is good ya know, kfc get your mind out of the gutter spinach is also good HARD SPINACH WHATS GOOD??? Any kind of leaves? oregeon There’s just one herb. I think it’s called marijuana weed Just love eating it. I just I just can’t stop You’ll never know the deal with that airplane food No fly it’s no fly list it was a real thing. Yeah, no, I know, but why would I get put on? casue you bomb schools Gut feeling EAT WEED, MY GUY never again Told it my guy. What a gut feeling was cuz he looked for some relationship advice I told him it’s the feeling between the brain and your wiener. Yeah, it’s where yeah, yeah pussy. cats ive got two they are cool i need to go to bed see you all in accedent 2 [END] You’ve got to give it some special signal so I mean theoretically You know they got a real signal so if you take your garage door opener And went around like a few different states you probably will find a garage that you will open Yeah a few different states being the key word so if you really wanted to break into someone’s garage You got a friend you have a partner and you say going across America, baby Hey, what does garage looks like the Cars movie? like these Highway So the only thing I want to ride all night long I want to ride a pony on all night long because I think ponies are cool ponies are just tiny Ponies aren’t kidding. That’s hot Do you find that? All right best gas station like best gas station like I mean I Drive cars But you know some gas stations are better than ours. I’m going to say Speedway Yeah, yeah, I like the song the gas station I’m gonna say cuz I like them because I don’t know if you’ve been to the Speedway If you know what I’m talking about, but they have this like It’s kind of like concession thing where you can buy a pizza or like a bunch other food? They have like really good breadsticks in fact last Friday. I biked down there with my sister Garage station Like about grass steep garage station and like about gas stations is that you gonna get everything it’s like really cheap That’s right get my weed You know our teachers were about to go on strike yeah teacher salaries Topic generator was about whatever happened with Virginia Alright, so I I came across this pretty interesting that you know the Sweden Finland Norway and Iceland have like that high soul of happiness in the world Any measure happiness is like a measurement like happy meter? I? Mean I guess you know people are unhappy if they’re protesting it so I assume that place doesn’t see a lot of protests yes we Can just give them a bunch of balls meatballs Actually, I was thinking about making my own meatballs, and it’s not that difficult you take some a you take some ground beef Oh wow, yeah I’ve been the front Those emotions are unrelated correct So Supreme Court, that’s where I want to go not obvious again But I want to be like right a Supreme Court justice I’d be like ace attorney Phoenix right they played those games those games are land. Yeah, but he’s not a judge. He’s an attorney I want to be like an attorney an attorney or computer hardware manufacturer There’s something in my computer hardware wait, so you’re just a making computer hardware or fixing it, or you know something in that Lake So you would like so computers I mean if I could go like I wouldn’t work for a company or Maybe if I could get something I could start kind of like a freelance sort of thing Yeah, how about you can make quite a few bucks off repairing computers? Repairing computers is what I’m thinking is that I can have a computer building and a computer a parent service My I feel like you know you can get a bunch of money oh you have any plans of what you wanna, I mean, I wanted to work somewhere in the industry My people get paid to be creative directors I want to be easier. You know what yep for for my job. I was think about working at a paradox Paradox Either in Sweden, which we just discussed very happy place. I mean they have a lot of Meatballs I’m – Mike you get like a free work visa and they paid they pay for you to live there See so you’re essentially getting you know free free run to live You get a free laptop and you pay For making what do you do? What do you do? That’s what I was thinking I’ve never I’ve never really been big in the programming Yeah, I know that you’re either a programmer your designer because there’s like two very different jobs I’m programming is like tedious work like you hear the new metal gets you out Metal Gear Solid games a little bit off-topic, but the new Metal Gear Solid game like six survive It is Absolutely abysmal, and do you remember they fired who work on the first Okajima kijima, yeah? He went off and made his own company mm-hmm, and I forget the name of the game They’re making, but but what happened is they fired him and this was like I feel like It’s just insult danger I can’t I can’t they fire them did they fire him right after right before and he couldn’t receive that award remember that You couldn’t get that reward for Metal Gear 5 Or 6. I think that it no matter of your 5 was a phantom phantom menace yet not A safe answer, and I just I was thinking about the Star Wars that I was just oh goodness It’s it’s phantom our Phantom force it divorces phantom shield It’s not it. That’s weird. It’s one where he gets high need travel. All right all right, so best best sort of sneaky game like Like primarily stuff like stuff get or or you can go like the RPG route. Where you play it smells Like place stealthily, but it’s like really nice Yeah
So you can you can either be like best elf game either a game that is you have to be stopped or it’s like everybody That’s like. It’s like you take the stuff you’re not like you’re always in the stuff, but yeah, you’re sneaky boy Just sneak I mean I’m gonna have to say I Like I like farming Legos And I felt like you’re a real Snooki boy Up until you went on the boat, and then I hated the game after that, but that’s when you went on the boat It’s that’s all you ever do in the game after that is Boies a pussy, and I want to smash him Okay, well, I don’t really play the sneaky games But I got I got pardon often to breath of the wild Well wouldn’t if you found if you found those guys spots You can buy these mess so you can buy like a mob Lin or a goblin mats, okay? And in that if you wearing that mask that particular enemy Won’t attack you so You’ll be is an O So sometimes I would I would play with you know wearing the mask cuz its no armor So you could you got a bank that they work, and you can you can go through whole camps being a sneaky boy? Tell you what I got I got seal Suck my cocks Wilfulness, I’ll tell you what shooting citizen I got it restricts. You know it’s on the willful trait Tallest bridge in the u.s.. San Francisco, I want to jump off there one day Have you seen a video of the guy that survived? Yeah, who jumped off and survived? Oh? He’s like the moment? I jumped off. I regretted it. Ya know. It’s just it’s crazy to think that you know you’re just like kill me now I’m society lets people get that far low that they jump off a bridge Into the ocean and it’s just at that and even then he realized well. Okay. This is like oh, no, that’s too bad That’s like real bad. Yeah like oh, no. I’m actually going to die and this is going to be like really painful Yeah, and he was such an idiot – I mean you should’ve just shot yourself, man Yeah, beep are gonna hate this after they watch this Are you gonna drink some boys yeah, that’s Okay wait Hong Kong I read about this one, so so you know Like 1800s Great Britain by invades China because China won’t let them sell their drugs So they they got everybody big dinner than declaring the Listing I want you to buy opium Now drink war they took Hong Kong, but only for 99 years so like nineteen Yeah, so they like signed a contract. Yeah, we give this for 99 years But then China gets it for 99 years so this so in the switch off happened in like the 1990s So so is it gonna highlight again, or you just understand? Yeah, it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna switch back So event is just a thing in total Yeah, I haven’t I haven’t read up on it trying to get it for 99 years so like 80 She’s trying to tell me all Yeah Get shot. Oh, I remember this fact from the vsauce video the first person to be 150 is already born you Remember because it’s like the life expectancies are going off like crazy, dude. Yeah, so that’s crazy It’s just I feel I’m kind of jealous cuz I know I’m not gonna get me you could live to like we’re gonna get 140 we I it’s Possible man. I just hope that we get to like 21 like 21 21. I hope we just get to 21 before we back I Want to be 20 22, that’s a stretch 21 I want to get to 21, and I’m just gonna mom I’m going out. I’m just getting that over to my girlfriend’s boyfriend’s Pound a shout a tequila Just down a whole bottle just found it I want to pound things Load loading up I broke it broke it so I’m loading it So You guys heard about that. Uh they banned all the guests on Rome They ban all the guess all the guests you can’t be guests anymore. I think I don’t know how long that’s gonna last However You know it Just it’s kind of weird like Why would they ban all the guests of the guests just Now here you know you gotta see they could Bend like when they Bend on you they’re probably bending like you no no no Sweetie all guests. You can’t even play this no no I’m talk about like a normal band I’m like I’m assuming they ban like your email all right Yeah, so you get bypassed by making another count, but the thing is yeah They’re not that much roblox kids are two autistic so they can’t ban you for your guests. No, which is I? Think it’s coming back But you know respecting So respecting by second one think I haven’t one thing I had that I noticed that isn’t your like you see pictures of like things in Europe. There’s like bicycle lanes. I haven’t seen a single one No, no because I think bicycling I I like mountain biking. I don’t know if you knew that but I go mom I Like this 12. I like a bike. That’s as old as me so it’s really rusty, and it’s a pain to get fast It wears you down fat mice like 24 years old, that’s what my dad used when he was in college so shut up No, mine is like rust like I must not rust because my dad took it like there’s my seat And then there’s the metal pole too like the painted star dude because that is Brown I have the gel cushion see what about you because I know that some losers have like a hard seat No, I have like a foam seat. Oh yours like a fun. Okay, so yours is like probably as good as mine It’s okay. It’s foam so that it get once it gets like compressed, which it does easily like hardens up What was the gel it doesn’t it doesn’t harden? You know you’ll get but you won’t hit the bottom. It’s like super thick Okay You want no one else I like super thick I actually like Big Mac super says his friends Dude, that was the worst Pear jam now Jan. That’s a thing that I haven’t had in a while. I’ve heard of pear jam. That’s I Never had it. I’ve never seen pear jam in a in a story. I thought at first there was the same Pearl Jam What you don’t know oh I have an interest or interesting story about the largest water dam and a country in like Italy they were there making this dam But it’s right next to this mountain so all the inspectors were not to the thing I’m damned to look down, and it was like a really high Dead you know and then there’s a rockslide and it splashed up broke the dam and flooded the whole city until like a few thousand people see that vsauce video where He’s in China they built that on huge-o last bridge Yeah that thing is scary tonight or not the glass bridge they built this huge water dam and So it’s estimated that it held the water back so much that every single day is point zero six nanoseconds longer Think about that think about just how huge the earth is and to even like slightly extend the day by that much Yeah, we remember how long a nano second is Nanosecond I think that’s like in the tenths of a second essentially no no I think it’s in like this thousand One thousand for a second, but think about that over over the days that you’re gonna. Have a bunch of extra seconds in your day That’s like uh I read somewhere that like Just just I think just compared to the grandeur of that like every every day is like Like 23 hours in like 59 minutes like 30 seconds So I like we put on an extra 30 seconds just to make it even yeah, just to make it even yeah Let’s talk with the elephant in the room everyone teenager called Venus Actually the foreman gets a bad baby It’s got like really bad in our high schools Yeah, it’s just starting beeping in the bathroom people my sister told me this story Where like once the teacher leaves the room don’t let go like pin on their back panel on somebody’s back you want to buy this That’s like bad, I mean it’s not illegal. I don’t think it’s not technically illegal. It well. It depends on how old they’re Yeah Okay, I hear that reminds me. It was a whole lootcrate situation You know the EI thing that happened recently what happened You know where they took out they cut took out blue crates from the battlefront to because it made things essentially pay2win they did yeah, they took him out for a while and Yeah, and so there’s like this political debate between How new boxes could be considered like are you going? Are they gambling or are they but then you gotta remember if they’re gambling? Then people who are making them can get arrested and people who are using them are gonna get arrested well It was got if they’re under 20 ever heard of a gotcha game Gaucho again. Yeah, like that sort of thing So it usually they’re mobile games you’ll have a rare currency and you’ll You’ll have after and you summon or get you know there’s so many Do this one time your chances of getting what you want goes up, and so what that does is you’re essentially okay come on? Baby come on come on come on and you’ll get it, and they’ll be like one okay I got it go again, and so they keep you with that and you’re like is that gambling well There’s there was a bill recently passed in Hawaii that yeah, yeah That means a gamble Lucas. I yeah, it’s like if it’s randomized its gambling I’d say by randomized reward like if it’s actually like currency that you can use Into, you know like stuff like that can translate to real money. It’s like the csgo marketplace That’s also gambling all know that we all knew that was gambling yeah No III did not know To own pays head a severe lapse But like it’s It’s like puggy all those cases knows like that’s all I think I feel like a legal soon I don’t know. I feel like loot boxes and overwatch and things that give you cosmetics. Those are a lot different yeah, they are but However comma I don’t think that you know these people people that are passing these laws will see so yeah I think I think it could be a type of gambling but not like gambling gambling because like it’s totally different Like when you’re gambling in real life. You’re gambling for something. That’ll help you and in these games You’re sitting you know essentially. It’s not my money. You’re essentially no What about that Scott Walker anti union movement in actually So you know what happened is he’s trying to to get He’s trying to get all those Oh Scandal all right wait so or tonight one the one that just passed by was a like first church And then to get the country so this was a kind of a religious debate Jesus was a Jew does that make Christianity a branch of Judaism I Mean yes well yeah I made these two, but that doesn’t mean that You can talk about some of those beliefs like like I trust you It was a really large thing and there’s lots of stuff all right This is actually kind of interesting, so there’s this this is a Holy Trinity like the spirit like the spirit So there’s like different branches yeah, oh there are one thing Oh, there’s the god of the Spirit and the Jesus or the spirit. It’s the god Jesus, so it’s like different. You know yeah so high-profile scandals Today we’re gonna be going over the top five you fortnight youtubers that have sworn Seriously if you’re watching fortnight videos you need a really consider suicide Women are objects that’s what I’m get to stay on gender roles Guinness records Let’s go micro economic theory now. This is my cup of tea right here. You know what I’m saying alright I don’t know microeconomics serious Interesting never Dude with that mullet you look hella gay, do you know why? Dude what the heck that’s kind of gross Censorship of movie, I would like to see that sex scene in the room You know what they say love is blind I Could see that you know I censorship in movies You heard the about the stuff snapchat drop yeah, Ricky Boris are saying It’s Kylie Jenner tweet that started it like you heard that story. What was it week? I forget the tweet was like anyone else not open snapchat anymore. That’s about it Yeah, and the stocks are to drop But if you actually look into it it started to slide and then the tweet dropped and then it just kept sliding So it was consistent, and then that didn’t seem to affect it at all, but so most people are attributing it to her When in reality it was huh? Yeah, she just did it, and she just tweeted that like I want people really took notice. I don’t really use I Really use snapchat. Yeah, I Not because of out that I don’t know Yeah, they got here everyone complaining. Oh I get him you snapchat with this new update like did I just don’t use I couldn’t use snapchat before it’s just so annoying so I do love the pretty dog face filter It makes me feel pretty Like I actually belong something it makes me feel like a teenage white girl This is just what I like I comment on my backyard really. Yeah same with like the basil. I think I’ll buy the mint on your hands for like I Don’t have any right now Take it or leave it no give or take Banking industry I used to PayPal. I’ll leave my PayPal temple of Saudi so funny What do you need to set up a PayPal PayPal like an email? This credit card and I have a prepaid card you have a prepaid card. Yeah You don’t know what that is So prepaid card it is a card. Where you I hate you. We’re pun we’re podcasting Well now I have to cut this thank you very much So prepaid cards Oh, it looks like those like gift cards you get from visa. No. That’s a visa good. They look like music records No They’re a little bit different. What a prepaid card Is is you can get this card and they’ll give you a set amount of money? It’s connected to a credit card, I think I’m not like completely sure but I’m pretty sure it’s it’s connected to a main credit card Or maybe it’s not and they just but let’s the idea is they give you a set amount of money on the card And you can recharge it in an ATM So you know you have this card Oh? Like your sweetie you have like 20 They’ll give you the card a month, and yeah, I can use it online so here’s your prepaid card like here’s the card It’ll have a thing so you’re like, Barstow So, thank you prepaid cards cards You need one so wait me yeah, well, it’s gonna. Tell my money on it How much money do you get per month, I don’t get like a cent per month oh And they just put it all in the pre-baked oh hey, and I’ll transfer it to Apple pay So like like honesty, so they’re just sending you get like a prepaid card number It’s like like a credit card numbers. Yeah. Do you get do you get one of those? I think yeah Don’t I haven’t like right like really bought like Jimmy if functions just like it functions like a credit card like if your scan yourself Out at Walmart or something you just scan it in Okay, that’s actually pretty sick so like if I want to buy Something you could use you can’t use the gonna bag. I put in all the pea picker That’s actually pretty You barn for like five bucks Hey, would you mind going with your prepaid car and getting a prepaid card She was the ring up they give to my burned down my birthday with the birthday gift Well I think that’s gonna do it for the first episode of I know we’re accidents We’re 36. How about we run it out to 40? Yeah? And then next time next time we eggs final topic final topic eggs You know those supposedly organic brown eggs. They’re just eggs from a different type of chicken, China so like organic I’ve never I’ve never Been a fan of eggs uh Yeah, I don’t I don’t like fried eggs scrambled eggs are care. I haven’t really tried I tried it, but like when you bake eggs and the stuff. I like like making a camp you bake the eggs It takes up that eggy stuff, but you need the eggs. I’m in it moist I That cakes are the only way you should eat one you should use the word moist. You know unless you’re talking. Yeah like X Rose Like you want your cake once, but you don’t want it like soggy That’s my moist is such a good word to describe it your like voices are in between between is the it’s it’s a choice between Damp notes between damp and wet and wet yes Yeah, no oh wait no, I was gonna say dampened soggy damn it. I think wet and soggy No like you get your sandwich right on my sanity wet and then you have to wait a little while to become soggy But the woman gets wet it gets moist Yeah That’s damn. That’s damp. That’s not moist it has to sit for a little bit. My damp is damp is like avalanche water Like like if you got well, it’s pouring rain your sweater it gets bad it gets to You you put you put yourself in the washing machine open it halfway through all your stuff is damp It’s too wet to be moist to it to be sorry and to what to be wet damp as before dampers for moist Moist well, I think are those two useful. I think the moist and damp might be for completely different contexts contexts and some different situations Yeah, cuz they mean different things Yeah, so like I feel like soggy a moist are pretty close so I get my those are different. Those are like Anything I? just don’t think we should go print those, but I think that we’re gonna and I might accidents I Don’t want to cut this oh We’re coming a bit of it. I’m not cutting Any it over? oh That’s that bit we’re cutting bad bit You cutting that bit well, I will see you guys

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