ACM Author Rights

you've invested precious time and effort to conduct your research now you need a publisher who gives your work impact and visibility who makes it available to the widest possible audience and offers you the best option to protect your rights as an author that publisher is ACM the Association for Computing Machinery the world's largest educational and scientific computing Society the preferred publisher in computing ACM is expanding its authors rights policy with more publishing options including open access a universe of ACM publications is available to you backed by the distribution power of the ACM digital library the world's most comprehensive database of computing literature as an ACM author you choose from three different options to manage the rights to your work if you want ACM to manage all rights and permissions associated with your work including defending you against improper use by third parties select a CMS copyright transfer agreement or you can choose an exclusive licensing agreement with ACM you hold the copyright but you are giving ACM the right to publish your work if you wish to retain all rights you can choose a CMS author pay's option this gives you perpetual open access your work is available immediately free to anyone through the ACM digital library authors who choose author pays can either give ACM non-exclusive permission to publish sign a CMS exclusive licensing agreement or sign a CMS traditional copyright agreement all ACM journals adhere to the highest scientific publishing standards communications a CMS flagship publication for example results in more than 2.5 million downloads a year an average of more than a thousand downloads per article all papers that appear in ACM publications live in the ACM digital library they are available with the complete text simple to search and easy to augment with additional material even video clips the digital library automatically creates your author profile page you then personalize or customize it this page provides easy access to your papers publications history and profile a link to your homepage search function and keyword metadata you also get authorizer an exclusive service for ACM authors authorizer puts a link to your work on your home page or institutional repository it lets visitor's download the definitive version from the ACM digital library free of charge displays real-time download and citation statistics for each authorized article and links your personal bibliography with the digital library to show accurate total usage ACM is also making special interest group papers and conference proceedings available earlier and faster SIG's can now distribute papers before during and after conferences in the digital library and on sig or Conference websites they can also if they wish provide free on-site access to Conference proceedings for additional information about posting free prints reuse of your work including contributing papers to edited collections rights regarding derivative works revised works and other frequently asked questions please check out a CMS author's rights webpage the association for computing Machinery's new authors rights policy offers you the flexibility to choose a rights package to fit your needs and take advantage of a CMS reputation and prestige in the global computing community get the most out of publishing your work published with ACM the preferred publisher in computing you

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