Acorn, Conker and Key | POEM | Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

Hey acorn who do you think you are? a hard guy you look like a little hard-boiled egg sitting in a cup well I’m telling you hard guy a squirrel is going to find you and if he doesn’t eat you he’s going to bury you just because you’re the start out point for the tree that made the first ships to go
right round the world that doesn’t mean you’re a big shot you’re no circumnavigator and you conker always up for a fight aren’t you let me get at him let me get at him
that’s you well I know your little secret there you are lying about
in your little green house and then when the walls split out you pop like you think you’re
some shiny new car cruising out of the garage but I’ve seen inside your little greenhouse you lie there for weeks all tucked up in a soft white bed don’t you Ha hardman Ha but you Sycamore key you’re plain weird
just plain weird you jive about in the air jiving in the wind
cool moves man but then you lie on the ground in a heap with all the other jivers looking like a
dead moth there’s hundreds of you
dead moths lying there you’re weird where are you at

3 thoughts on “Acorn, Conker and Key | POEM | Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

  1. More fantastic work from the amazing Michael Rosen! Another brilliant story, Sir! Bravo!

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