ADTR IS BACK AFTER 3 YEARS!! A Day to Remember x Marshmello – Rescue Me Reaction!

before this video starts I want to say hey sorry for not uploading queer so long oh yeah by the way and from the last video crazy amount of poor thank you because that was insane and I get it okay like when I get excited about a song or like a band I just don't I don't read stuff okay I know I said unstained in that video by the way it got blocked okay he got blocked so if you didn't see that sorry it was basically like my reaction to me to slip a song called unscented I did something I don't like to put myself talking in my videos I just like to have reactions when the reaction videos are oh I don't have myself talking I basically went on the tangent of how much I likes of not enough in the video that I cut out and yeah I just don't like putting myself in because I'm very self-conscious anyways this is about a day to remember and marshmallow thinking emoji so I am actually a bigoted I'm a fan I have been for a very long time I'm just confused because three years of not posting any music and they're on a song with marshmallow a little confusing so we're gonna like look at this right right now let me let me pause this so I got I got party for one right now playing but credit Jepsen okay we just pause that slapper popper well if it's actually goes hearted I'm just roasting it for no reason never been safer to never come closer woo another year down another all a million fresh Jim oh yes these nice fans like that this is so good yeah I was affecting that I like it it's a good mesh of the two that's a reference to the movie I can't member what's called to Tom Hanks bicameral response oh yes so Jeremy's vocals are so good it's a class like a data member like Silva and then a mark pillowtop I like that at school a good message ensue Wow I really was thinking I'm not wasn't gonna like this I'm still gonna live this like after its baby that's going on now of course of course marshmallow roasting marshmallows me Oh it's so catchy I love that perfect collab doesn't exist marshmallow hold my elven you've got the nice pop-punk side of a data remember with marshmallows electronic will be stuff I don't know how to explain a marshmallow what those cool I liked it a lot yo guys if ever something so different right now it's because I filmed it out trailer Fran say something so make sure to LIKE comment subscribe if you want to I have a new Twitter as well it is at you John though I'm going to leave it in the description I've been like promoting my other sweater but on this channel I want to promote this new Twitter so go follow that if you want to and yeah thank you for watching I'll see you later

3 thoughts on “ADTR IS BACK AFTER 3 YEARS!! A Day to Remember x Marshmello – Rescue Me Reaction!

  1. Dude I’m so happy ADTR is BACK!!! And this collab is fantastic!!

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