After Losing You | Spoken Word Poem | Animated Short Heartbroken | Sad Love Video

after losing you days have been saying
hello and goodbye with just a blink of an eye all this
time I’m just thinking of how stupid I was to make such a mistake
I’m so frustrated I just wanna cry again I should have really embraced the
opportunity of loving you I was to occupied to realize how precious you were
to me seeing how things have gotten between us taking away my life my joy by
being distant it’s devastating knowing time is going by and not a sound from
you I’m stuck in this place thinking of how to mend broken pieces that’s out of sight
wonder what you thinking what you doing where you at I wish to make things
better right now I’m an idiot it’s true I except that and everything else you wanna
classify me asked what on earth what on earth must I do to win your heart again
what am I supposed to do after losing you

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