Agents of Shield: 2×04 Face My Enemy Reaction & Review

what is going on quake nation welcome back to a brand new video now how are you guys doing I miss I freaking miss you guys so freaking much I really do it I said freaking like 10 times already in this episode what's going on guys I miss you guys so much and we are back we're back guys oh my gosh look alright if in two weeks alright two weeks I'm you guys are alright let me just say this alright I'm gonna say this right now you guys are amazing you guys are so patient you guys just put up with me I'm so thankful for each and every one of you I cannot ask for a better fan base you guys are amazing honestly and I'm so sorry I should not be sorry but I am sorry because look sometimes technology that doesn't work up doesn't put up with you you know and stuff happens you know this one wasn't this this one wasn't the audio issue I honestly fixed that I have not been dealing with that for so long thank God you know it just just other stuff other stuff you know I don't go to detail there's no point in in it I don't want to make this intro too long but yeah but um while I was on that tomb 2 week I don't we didn't call it um I've been kind of going back on my schedule looking into some stuff and I kind of decided on this um so agents of shield and the 100 that I just started um and that anything does not take very long alright I mean it does yeah it does but not too long you know but I I decide on this all right I'm going agents of shield will be every Monday here's the thing though here's the thing if this is a big if I don't want to promise this some weeks the one happened some weeks it will happen depends how everything works you know with editing and everything I might certain days certain Monday's I will have to agents of shield reactions in a day God he's in a day think about that um but again that all depends on everything with editing first of all does iMovie well I movie put up with me well I movie say hey you know I'm with you today you know it all depends on that if iMovie decides it's with me and then I have a lot of time like let's say I finish I upload the first aims of your reaction at 2 o'clock p.m. I'm like yo I still have time I could do another one and put it out for them alright that's my gift to you guys honestly cuz you know I think that I honestly think that worked best for me and I think I may be so excited the days that I can actually do two reactions think about that guys and before we get started that's what my what one no nothing notice I wanted to bring up don't slip oh no it's gone uh-oh I wanted to bring this up just as a heads up I know your guys are so good with putting leaving spoilers off my videos thank you for that you win don't you guys know what to do just write down no spoilers all in caps and then leave a little space and write we want to write huh I wanted to bring up specifically for season six guys all right please please don't bring up anything my season six please um like even just don't say like Oh for example season six was a great uh the first episode of season six was a great episode don't even say that please because guys were only on season two we're only on season two think about it we still gotta go through the remaining up two three four five so please guys I know you guys will understand just please don't talk about season six just focus just focus on the episode that I read I reacted to like in this case we're on episode 4 of season 2 right to talk about that please I beg of you guys I just I I just want to you know experience the show like like how about how I've been doing so far you know so just please understand and please don't just talk about that so that we're on that we're talking about please that's all I screw you guys please thank you so much for understanding and I don't want to keep you know talking like this we're on maybe I hope I'm in the right up sword I think I am when I'm so poor uh-huh I have notes here remember guys I'm thinking notes yeah we did two three last time so around to four yeah we're on to four we got notebook ready I hope you guys all ready if you guys are new to the channel subscribe to the channel join the quick nation I'm I'm so honored to have you guys if you guys are new join us we're on the road to next goal is 200 we're on 231 we're on the road to 250 let's go guys hope y'all enjoy oh shut the hell up yo yo so I'm calling inaudible there you go nice nice okay dude true – that's so true of course not surprised though any place like this will have laser grids oh wait how did you know oh well all right oh what a great time we have your guys great they know they know they know I'm gonna break this pencil mother I just remembered that Simmons I completely forgot that Simmons is that she must the twist my throat is dead temple guys oh oh no oh come on Big O you could be if you just engage with them is where's Coulson upstairs how on earth are you supposed to know just how I heard what the hell that does but something bad because she's not freaking me oh yeah please do it please do it I would love to do that no oh no really so quick release that grip no is it that thing that each of me put yes Wow no dude no no don't play don't play these games with me well it's coffee let's bow uh I hate coffee night what don't meet you om jeepers bye-bye bocce nice nice booyah all right boxy down now deal with this person that's the negative I cannot ignore this is too intense I know we're on dude wait that's the right me right yeah yeah there you go come on nice [Applause] you [Applause] it'll work dude I just love seeing fits just you know getting better so yeah dude beautiful work Adil's that might make a night clean with you why are you playing these the most important agents of shield by yeah goodbye to you at that point if things go south I'm getting you out that's my plan that is without question the sweetest gamez but i need you to forget all that and kill me as ordered what choices are coming I need you to make this one am I like the only one that I this this seem right here heads down Wow Raina I'm not like most of the people with whom you interact used I've been around too long to the site of what's mine I generally don't do my own dirty work anymore we should all aspire to do only that which we wherever you are bring the diabolos I wanna I wanna grab those glasses and crush it on this head all right guys look my throat hurt so much you guys could tell from my reaction that's why it hurts it looked it like I'm feeling pain all right but we're gonna talk I my notes was priesthood disagree see unbelievable man all right first off we got the painting um I was beyond shocked that it hit that pattern behind it you know the pattern we've been seeing since the fourth episode of season one that honestly I don't think I even caught you guys were the ones that told me about it you know and obviously there are other instances where we saw the painting I have to honestly forgot the other episodes oh the finale of season one at the end and another time in season two I'm like in episode one I think that goes up to the one dude look how many more times we're gonna see that pattern cuz honestly apparently you know Coulson said that there's somebody else that's carving the exact same pattern that he's doing I don't what that person is but that's their next goal probably they're trying they're gonna try to find that person I'm still trying catch my breath guys so don't mind me you know anyways next up we got ya I loved how slick main coulson were being when they're undercover you know they were really doing such a great job of not being noticed they were like they were so slick that's what I loved about it like you know they were they were pretending to dance and at the same time there while they're dancing they're keeping high out of their surrounding it was really cool I love seeing their undercover work it was really fun uh-huh and then when they brought but when they got Talbot okay when I first saw you know Talbot was talking to somebody and then they show the tablet I saw the hydrogen bomb Mike dude kidding me I mean look look Talbot I'm not too up on him yet like I don't try to do the right thing but I'm not totally you know I'd I'm saying trust no one I'm learning that from the show so you know I'm like dude she's seriously working he was seriously working for Whitehall you get off my reaction I lost it dude I'm like do it no way no freakin way this man is actually working for Hendra Talbot general Talbot but at the end then they didn't work out and then dude the technology they have agent 30 he legit had a face Mac I'm calling it a face mask agent 33 had a face mask top made her disguise into agent May that could help her wear exactly what she was wearing specifically and she sounds like her she has is a move faster like meaning what fighting moves as me dude like how I don't own ten I was really concerned with how on earth is Coulson gonna find out who the real me is thankfully guys Colton is Coulson just obviously knew he was just trying to tap into something that may wouldn't know me wouldn't know so yeah and yeah obviously to have his name punchy bachchi was disguise has helped it so it wasn't actually general Talbot so good good king I loved how fits you know despite him trying to get himself back in a way you know his bringing his still kind him up there in the way you know it's like it's off a little bit I'm glad that he was able to help them power the ship up again because I feel they fix his fix you know fixes he's a scientist Fitz is smart Fitch is clever even though he doesn't you know he's not the same kind of well he's not the same he still was able to help and respect to like hunter and everybody matter that they're there for them especially that gemma isn't there at this moment so I'm glad that fits at least has people like I seen Mac with him I see hunter with him so you know at least he's got that the may versus may fight scene be you guys that was the weirdest day that was the coolest not the weirdest thing I've ever seen at the end of a guy's real may will win I have I had no doubt even if fake me knew her every move you know the real agent may will always win I had no doubt of that I love when she like electrocuted her fake face that was the best part I love that fight scene now it's beautiful beautiful it was tough she heard that next up uh-huh and then Coulson just right went after Bakshi right when he said that painting Coulson's like oh hell you're not being away from me went up got the icer knocked him down knocked him out boxy was easy T I just iced him he was out he was a he was scared he just ran off so they got the painting which is good okay and talib a wants to pay the actual top he wants the painting but Coulson you know he's being very very very which I like I don't know why you talk about mr. painting um hey guys I'm actually fearing for Gemma we did not see the real Gemma at all this whole episode and last time we saw her Whitehall says that will make her comply so I wish we thought Gemma at least details yeah yeah she's okay she's gay but no they're gonna make me wait again so we don't know what's gonna happen whichever we still don't know she's probably complied oh my god issues if she's actually like aging what sir that that girl that works for Whitehall window lose it like I didn't lose it at all this episode I'll be paying for Jeremiah really know what else to say dude I know Whitehall so are don't I don't think he brainwashed Rena but he's like hey you want to live you have 48 hours to bring me that obelisk that's why he did not reenact no choice even if she doesn't want to help by home now she has to if Raina wants to live she has to help freaking white home she's no choice there's no choice guys I hate Whitehall I hate him so much I cannot wait to see him die a sufferable death uh I really hope he does he doesn't he doesn't die I'm gonna lose it then I lose everything everything I've ever lived for then anime and Coulson – oh my gosh you guys that ha between May and Coulson like may refuse to kill Coulson goes decides you know what I'm not getting better just kill me and me it's like no I care too much for you I'm not gonna kill you I'm not I refuse – I'm not gonna let it happen and just Coulson just – that whole conversation beyond amazing amazing writing is everything regarding um writing I think that has to be my favorite for season two so far it's beautiful – we very early indication the emotion everything about that scene was beautiful overall you guys this was an amazing episode um so it's a let me know for right now um let's see how long it takes me to edit make sure everything is set publish it if I have time you guys I might do another episode today see what happens I hope you guys did enjoy but if you did please smash that like button subscribe to the channel if you are new drawing the quake nation it's always a pleasure to have new faces on my channel I cannot wait I love you guys so much have a great Monday all positivity all love you guys got this whatever you set out to do I hope you accomplish it oh now I'm gonna go catch my breath maybe take a nice bath I don't know just anything to cool me off cuz i if you could feel me right now I wish there was a way for you guys to feel me through the screen I'm legit and the windows open in my are you guys I'm gonna go cuz the more I talk I'm just gonna get warmer and warmer have a great day you guys

9 thoughts on “Agents of Shield: 2×04 Face My Enemy Reaction & Review

  1. Guys KEEP the comments section SPOILER FREE. Only discuss current and past episodes. We all want a genuine reaction. Let's keep it that way. Mark spoilers with a "SPOILERS" tag or don't mention it at all.

  2. I agree with you about spoilers, I hate when people say "next episode will make you cry/laugh" or "next season is the best" or "this character is amazing" I mean it's ruining expectations. Please keep reminding people about this. 🙂 I hope that it will be possible for you to watch at least 2 AoS episodes per week because s6 just started and s7 will premiere next year so it would be cool to see you watching it with everybody else. 😉

  3. More Agents of Shield is always good in my book. Glad I have Season 6 now. I do love your reactions though. Most people I don't listen to them talk a lot at the beginning of a video. You're the exception. I think it's because your so excited to watch the show. Keep up the good work.

  4. May vs. May is ICONIC. 😀
    And yes, so many Philinda feels in this episode, especially their last scene. Oof.

  5. This episode ( and of course Your video ) was AMA(Y)ZING !!!!!
    And are You team May or May? 🤣
    And 2 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. reactions in a day ???!!! Yes please 😮

  6. May vs May is such a classic scene. Already looking forward to the next episode as it is one of my favourites!

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