Aggressive Dance-Off with JoJo Siwa

-JoJo, you’re a great dancer, so I wanted to challenge
you to a dance-off. -Okay, fair enough.
-But I don’t want to know who can dance the best. I want to know
who can dance the hardest. -Okay, I like it.
-It’s time for a “Tonight Show” Aggressive Dance-off!
Here we go. -Let’s do it!
-Okay. -♪ Aggressive ♪
-♪ Aggressive! ♪ -♪ Da-ance-off ♪
-♪ Da-ance! Yeah! ♪ -Now, here’s how
it’s going to work. We’ll be given a series of dance
moves, then we’ll have to do
each of them as aggressively as possible. When you hear a ding, you have
to move on to the next dance. -Okay.
-I will go first. JoJo, you better stand
over there because things
are about to get intense. -All right, good luck,
good luck! -Thank you.
Yeah, I don’t even need it. [ Laughter ]
-Oh, wow. Okay. -I’m getting into character now. -Okay, sounds good. -Roots, can I get a beat? ♪♪ [ Ding! ] -Let’s see it! [ Cheers and applause ] All right! [ Ding! ] Oh, whoa! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Ding! ] That’s it! Go! Go! Whoa! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! ] -What’s up? -Good job. Good job.
That was good. -Thanks.
-That was good. -Whew! -Feeling good? Can you breathe?
-Grandpa needs a nap. -Can I get an oxygen tank
on set?! -All right, JoJo, you’re up.
-Okay. -[ Sighs ] Roots, give her
a beat when you’re ready. ♪♪ -Oh, yeah. All right! [ cheers and applause ] [ Ding! ]
-That was good actually. -What do I have to do?
Oh, yes! [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s aggressive! Oh! That’s aggressive!
[ Ding! ] -Ohh! Let’s go! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughs ]
[ Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! ] -Oh, my God. [ Laughs ] [ Cheers and applause ] Not bad.
-Wow! -Not too shabby.
-Thank you. -You can dance.
-This time, I can. -Oh, gosh.
That was pretty good, but there’s only one way to find
out who is the most aggressive dancer by going head to head. For the final round, we’ll be
dancing at the same time. -Okay.
Should we take a breather? -I definitely need one,
but it’s okay. You ready for this?
-Let’s do it! -Let’s do it. Roots? ♪♪ [ Ding! ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Ding! ] -Doing good. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Ding! ]
-Jimmy! -Sorry. Sorry.
-Okay. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ How was that? [ Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! ] -We have a winner. [ Cheers and applause ] It’s JoJo Siwa, everybody,
the champ!

100 thoughts on “Aggressive Dance-Off with JoJo Siwa

  1. Waitch out her hairlines gonna fly out if she dabs one more time

  2. When r u gonna have mackenzie ziegler on the shoooowwww??? 😩😩🥺🥺

  3. I used to like her but…not anymore so i dont like u jojo im sorry…=,=And i dont watch ur sick or best videos anymore

  4. I don't really care about what they say…

    I'm gonna kill myself anyway

  5. Jojo Siwas dance moves are aggressive.
    I bet it's so aggressive that she can kill one punch man in one dance

  6. can someone make 1:40 one of those space meme videos with the piano music it would be hilarious. kindest regards if you comment the link

  7. jojo says that she doesn't let the haters get their way, and that she comes back like a boomerang

    but jojo's hairline ain't be comin' back like a boomerang
    it's long gone

  8. Jojo dance and song it so cool

  9. for real tho why are u all being so mean abt an awkard (badly dressed) fifteen year old? let the gal live, god knows we all went through a fckn stage™ of our lives. come back if she's still cutting about w bows in 2025

  10. Her Disco ball shirt with her HOT pink disco ball jacket with her I matching green yellow zebra pants…

  11. Jojo is the type of girl that had a pride of a 4 yr old and thinks the world revolves around her

  12. I would like her if she lowered her voice and had a better style

  13. Idk know anything about her except how people cringe at Jojo. And this video just shows the hype that some of our lazy asses lacking. In this video to me it just looks like having a fun quality time and sharing/showing off/supporting a fun activity. No cringe🤷‍♀️just positive and goofy vibes.

  14. Omg, Jimmy I love it when you did the chicken dance! That was the best!

  15. That was amazing jojo I am going to your tour by the way I love you

  16. I don't like it that's just my opinion but if anybody else has an opinion you can give me a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down on this comment but that's just my opinion JoJo I'm sorry

  17. JoJo Cy I given her a hundred star 100 Stars actually because she's most happiest I've seen all her videos on kids YouTube they're all like funny cool I can't explain her her dog Bobo her mobile Doug why do you have a challenge for your dog can penetrate and you let her have her up ice cream dog treat what the word JoJo what did you get for ice cream

  18. Its funny how she was past her dancing prime at 14 and now she completely can’t dance

  19. There is a person on the radio that talks so mean about you Jojo

  20. She used her stand, Everybody Dance Now, to beat Jimmy Fallon.

    Seriously though fuck jojo siwa. She's another fucking nickelodeon star and isn't fucking funny at all.

  21. Talk about Trying way too hard…. siwa reminds me of my older uncle trying hard to be cool in front of me and all my friends.

  22. Am i the only one who though she sounded like a kazoo when she said "YES"

  23. JoJo siwa was fantastic she came a long way from the Days of Abby Lee dance school and she deserves every bit of credit that she's earned I work hard for if anybody thinks that they're so great at dancing I would like to see him or her on Jimmy Kimmel or Conan O'Brien or any other late night talk show JoJo siwa deserves her props

  24. I mean it's cringy but aleast she acts 15 I mean she's not 12 going on 15 like SOME people

  25. My question is how on EARTH do they make 7 year old cloths for a 16 year old. Because I have never seen that in the women’s department. And I don’t think they make kids cloths that huge.

  26. When jojo started dancing I cringed so hard I creamed my pants, and not in a good way

  27. Jo Jo wasn't even dancing, she was just moving her body around wildly like a literal psycho

  28. Boy: fucking dies by drowning in chocolate
    Oompa loompa nibbas: 2:23

  29. Seeing Jojo’s “hairline” makes me feel like a caveman like lmao

  30. I’m dying inside… hos here 2019 and wonder if Jojos hair is still on here head

  31. I absolutely love this girl. She has made herself a brand name at only 15 years old and started off on Dance Moms and was by the way not very favored on the show a lot of times for her personality. She’s inspiring for even us adults. Those of you with negative comments just don’t get just how much she has accomplished and the positive impact she is having on young teens/ kids today compared to other performers promoting sex and drugs.

  32. Everyone's moves were great and all but can we just appreciate Jimmys chicken dance

  33. Me: lives a happy life
    Me: (sees this before I die)why am I still here, just to suffer. Every night I can’t feel my leg, my arm, even my fingers. The body I lost, the body I had.

  34. Her personality Is like A dang sugar factory
    I love her 🤘🏽🎊😂

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