Aisha’s Song

My name is Aisha and this is my story Aisha’s Song My name is Aisha Sani Abdullahi I’m 18 years old and I’m from Nigeria [PEOPLE SINGING
IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] I was four or five years old
when it happened According to my mother the night it happened
I went to be quite healthy but when I woke up the eye was gone During the cold season it
is usually difficult to go out because when the wind blows into
the eye it is very painful As a result of losing my eye I’ve
faced so many problems for example if a suitor comes
and they see the eye in most cases they don’t ever return He may not tell me but I usually know why he left When I was nine I wasn’t going to school and so my mother sent me
out to work on the streets [PEOPLE CHATTERING] I started street hawking at the age of 9 I was selling ingredients for making soup
such as tomatoes, peppers and onions To be honest street hawking is horrible Some people grab your money
and run away or sometimes sleazy men approach you and try to talk about sex and yes they do all that During that period of my
life it was really difficult [CHILDREN LAUGHING] [HORN HONKING] Now my life has changed [CHILDREN CHATTERING] At the time I was going to the mosque Our religious leader was approached and was asked if there were any girls
interested in learning how to knit Soon my friend and I started
taking knitting classes Today I teach people how to knit Through my teaching I want to
empower young women so they can benefit just like I have Here girls suffer more than boys I feel that men who say women
should not be educated are denying girls their rights If a girl is educated she can make
a lot of progress in her life Knitting has given me
so many opportunities As a result of knitting I’m now paying
to put myself through school But my dream in life is to become a lawyer Women’s rights are suppressed If I become a lawyer I will fight
for and defend women [GIRLS SINGING
IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] I know that there is a great difference
between the Aisha of before and the Aisha of now

64 thoughts on “Aisha’s Song

  1. so touching.. brought tears to my eyes.. amazing work.. keep it up 🙂

  2. Absolutely_F_A_N_T_A_S_T_I_C _
    Each measure of treatment, frm cut to sound is pure precision.
    I'm nt a big backer of kinetic imagery, bt in ths case it wrks jst lk u titled it_
    Its a song_
    n a sweet 1at tht 🙂
    Spl mention Patrick Jonsson/ composer
    I can imagine th load on u, on ths one_owing 2 its musically biased trtment.
    all I can is_FAB!
    the flight which took on timeline 07:59 ….is yet to touch down – its taken to another level 🙂
    It was a pleasure to watch this film- HATS OFF crew 🙂

  3. It's amazing that even though I come from a wealthy Muslim family, I can still relate. Thank you!

  4. It is wrong to deprive women of the right to education. They are going against the fundamental principles of Al-Islam which freedom, justice and equality. May Allah have mercy on us all.

  5. This was an amazing short film that sends a great message to its audience. I have a quick question that I was hoping someone from the crew could answer. I'm a young aspiring film/television composer and was wondering if you could tell me how much of the music was composed by Patrick Jonsson and how much was from the other music/sound crew? I was curious because I wanted to know if the intro music at around 0:50 and other parts throughout the film were part of Patrick's work. Thank you!

  6. Hi James, thanks for the message. Patrick Jonsson composed all of the music for this film from sounds we recorded on location in Nigeria. It was a very difficult job to try and make songs from bangs of hammers, splashes of water or clicks from a knitting machine but Patrick is very talented composer. Hope that answers your question and best of luck with your own work.

  7. Wonderful. It's wonderful that she is achieving success against all the odds in a society that normalises all kinds of awfulness against women and girls from female mutilation, DV, honour related violence to human trafficking. Bless her and i hope she goes from strength to strength.

  8. So beautifull so pure MashAllah.May Allah(Subhana watalla) help her.May Allah(Subhana watalla)reward her InshAllah Ameen.

  9. this is really epic i cant beleave u did this it sounds really good !!

  10. I am amze and wish them all the best this should be told the world over

  11. Wow. Great film, concise and powerful. In solidarity with Aisha, and all women of the world.

  12. I came across this film purely by accident & I'm glad that I did as it is so moving. Thank you.

  13. I'm the same age as Aisha and her courage and strength is inspiring. I'm due to start university in September and I always took what I have for granted. The way she's been able to overcome all the hardships in her life and work to help other girls become more independent is amazing. May God bless Aisha and girls like her all over the world. I only hope she can achieve her dreams and find happiness

  14. Wherever women are disadvantaged, excluded, discriminated against and denied their rights, it keeps half the world's population poor, wish there could be more aids done to support those young girls to validate themselves of self-worth.

  15. Is this a Song about that Aisha that get Raped by an 53 old Pedoprophet ?

  16. Why do people blame Islam for her problems; Islam actually gives women equal rights and places huge importance on getting an education. Instead of criticising Islam and calling us uneducated terrorists we should all work together as humanity to help people like Aisha achieve equal rights and to end sexual or racial discrimination

  17. She is in excellent condition compared to other subjects of this lonely and unjustified, corrupted world, were some sit in their gold plated chairs and eat with golden cutlery… some others fill their stomachs with mud and dry tree sticks to stay alive…

    Yes, it is sickening right? …

  18. islam is so evil, how can there be still people subjugated by such a backward doctrine?

  19. I challenge to youtube, that this short film will come top 10 contestants.
    if not, then its a flop youtube contest, its really great story tellar of Aisha song…
    hats off.

  20. First time you see her she looks like a minos Grande from Bleach!

  21. how old are you son i think you should ask your mum for advice before you write things that dont make sence ok love

  22. Aisha seems like such a driven and amazing young woman, if only more people could be as determined and admirable as her. Very good video, wish her and you all the best! Voted!

  23. a very good message……Islam says to educate women, as educated mother will give rise to educated childrens

  24. Thinking that people actually have to live through all of this when other people don't have to makes me respect who and what I have so much… Beautiful video, it's very touching xxx

  25. This is seriously one of the best short films I have ever seen. Very well done, brought a tear to my eye, complete beauty!

  26. thats terrible women have to pass through that And it's more sad to realize what u had for granted for someone is a fight to get

  27. yes it is, but why not eat out of gold if you can?
    if youve worked hard for it, most of these people "who get a chance"
    to come, and work for better life for example england, they created gangs
    kill people that allowed them to live there and dont work as hard as they should
    so why would i feel sorry for them and want to help them out knowing
    her son may shot my son in the head one day for no reason?… thank you

  28. Who works hard to eat out of gold? Who ever does has issues. Work hard to make this world a better place and humanity to come as one, lets not mention how the west treated africans I'm sure you know, till this day they make them work for hours with shit pay in africans countries on mines and resources when it's THEIR RESOURCES! you blame them? destroyed their country, used their resources then refuse them in their rightful life Btw nice name SATAN? and your normal? I think your just blind. peace

  29. … i made this channel when i was around 15, now im nearly 20 what has the name to do with anything here, and no, they get treated better than others, especially here in uk dont know where you must be from mate. but here they get free stuff, free houses, benefits yet they make more kids, one family 8 kids and keep taking more money from government, all them just look so violent, always looking for trouble on the streets, cant appriciate that they are lucky enough to live in a normal place!

  30. Apparently yet another amateur overuse of the Canon 5D ability to limit DOF. Frustrates viewer by forcing what we can look at that is in focus. If your goal is to constantly keep me aware of the camera you succeeded. Very slow moving film despite cutting that is too fast. It didn't even start dialog until 2 min. into a 10 min. film. Pretty, but frustrating to watch. Too much form over function. Filmmaking is a craft & every good craftsman knows when to use a tool & when not to. Get rid of the 5D

  31. Hi there Mark, thanks for this comment. This film was shot on 16mm film on a 1960s Aarton camera, about as different to a Canon 5D as you can get. Just saying…

  32. I hate how in some societies muslim women are told not to get an education, when the Quran and the religion says it's not just a right, but a duty for both men and women.

  33. any where i can download the songs from? love the tunes and incredible film. nice job!

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