Akua Naru – Poetry: How Does It Feel Now??? //”Live & Aflame Sessions” (Full-HD)

22 JAN 2015 London, UK – Jazz Cafe Camden
31 JAN 2015 Le Valais, CH — Festival Bourask
04 FEB 2015 Amsterdam, NL — Radio 6 Live
05 FEB 2015 Amsterdam, NL — North Sea Jazz Cafe
21 FEB 2015 Zurich, CH — Moods
26 FEB 2015 Erlangen, DE — E-Werk
27 FEB 2015 Karlsruhe, DE — Tempel
28 FEB 2015 Freiburg, DE — Jazzhaus 01 MAR 2015 Herford, DE — Musik Kontor
03 MAR 2015 Munich, DE — Ampere (Muffatwerk)
05 MAR 2015 Frankfurt, DE — Brotfabrik
06 MAR 2015 Hannover, DE — Faust
07 MAR 2015 Bremen, DE — Lagerhaus
08 MAR 2015 Bochum, DE — Jahrhunderthalle
12 MAR 2015 Insbrueck, AT — Treibhaus
14 MAR 2015 Delemont, CH — SAS
21 MAR 2015 Munster, DE — SkaterPalace-Cafe
25 MAR 2015 Reutlingen, DE — Franz.K
26 MAR 2015 Goettingen, DE — Musa
27 MAR 2015 Luebeck, DE — Treibsand 08 APR 2015 Hamburg, DE — Gruenspan
09 APR 2015 Berlin, DE — Bi Nuu
10 APR 2015 Cologne, DE — Gloria
08 MAY 2015 Kiel, DE — MAX
28 JUN 2015 Sierre, CH — WeekendAuBordDeL’Eau

100 thoughts on “Akua Naru – Poetry: How Does It Feel Now??? //”Live & Aflame Sessions” (Full-HD)

  1. Stoned it was one of the most strong experienced moments in my life, your voice, that sax. Listened to it the days after and it is still as strong, this and Live & Aflame are just Wow. Wow wow wow. Please come to Belgium and honour me by doing a live show.

  2. I discover you with this song, I could say it's my favorite one. But honestly I love them all ! So much… it's madness.

  3. this is a madly passionate poetry, the best way to put passion, love, emotions in words!!!! incredible!!!!!

  4. I think I just found the solution for having an orgasm without using my hands!

  5. I'm thinking of the most beautiful moments … and I agree with the comments of many people … is so exciting

  6. Ha! would you look at that…
    I do listen to sensual music after all…
    And I thought that my friend are just joking with me

  7. Just imagine how peaceful and pure one small moment of time would be with this song just playing. Walking around town, looking around at people having fun and smiling, appreciating how the little things really make living worth it. Or maybe just walking down at the beach while the sun is setting and telling yourself how you wish you could freeze that one moment. Or sitting on a small hill at night going through memories and dreams. It's pretty silly to be honest but right now while I type this silly comment people won't really understand, I'm enjoying this moment of time in my life to really appreciate how amazing music can be.. one love:)

  8. Great song until the amazing sax solo became an annoying "epic sax" solo

  9. music and poetry… poetry and music…. my heart melts…

  10. I'll just say the guitarist must be very average or not very confident to get out performed by a sax player.

  11. Wanna make love on this, woooow deep and lovely sounds, words, musicians, it's an amazing track

  12. So Avant-Garde.
    Akua Naru is so much more than just a hip-hop artist.
    Incredible fusion of genres!
    I am in love.
    "Combine until your thoughts slow grind with mine…"

  13. "Love day is coming- what if you could have her personally reciting these words for your honey for the occasion? Akua Naru's Vibe for Valentines Day!!
    Please support & share.

  14. If love had a sound this will be that sound and we will be the band to play it, how nice that sounds. Akua Naru, you are too much.

  15. This is amazing, sweet, & sexy. I love how perfectly her words paint pictures. I could live in Akua's music.

  16. mmmm…. sensual, sensous, delicious, hot, beautiful… foreplay in sweet tuneage!

  17. I wanna make love to this kinda ambience…Who is still feeling this poetry in 2017


    Love, love mmm…
    I told y'all
    We would be the band to play it.

    My ghetto butterfly flew away from me.
    I wait patiently, by windows and doorsteps.
    Play, make believe, as my tears, poor chest,
    won't succeed to breathe, if not to hear of you.

    Surely there has never been a shade so blue.
    A stank attitude, so not mad at you.
    Not a magnitude to encompass the latitude
    of my love for you.
    No space and time compatible.

    What do I have to do? What do I have to do?
    Uh.my friends say I got it bad for you.
    I do. But there's nothing in this world I'd rather do,
    but you.

    I want to make love to your existence,
    drenched in colors of your energy,
    then masturbate to the memories.
    I wanna lose myself inside yourself…
    Until you find me. Confine me,
    to the freedom of your prison.
    Exist in the same space, same time.
    Combine until your thoughts slow grind with mine.My, I wanna drink the sweat of your intellect,
    reflect, and watch your light passion walk my neck.
    Caress the sights of your presence with no question,
    undress to the nakedness of love, pure love.
    I want to make love to my soulmate… my soulmate…
    make love to my soulmate… my soulmate…
    make love to my soulmate, uh shit…
    I wonder, how does it feel to make love to your soulmate.
    Kind of like writing poetry till climax,
    till the point and place where space and time match.
    Can we cross the line, perhaps tell me would you like that.
    Now would you like that, tell me would you like that,
    would you like that, tell me would you like that,
    would you like that, tell me?

    I'm gonna ask you again now, tell me.
    Would you like that, tell me would you like that,
    now would you like that, tell me would you like that,
    would you like that, tell me.

    I wanna love you more than madly.
    Wrap these legs around your words,
    until your speech is straddled deep, gladly.
    Swim the currents of your vibrations,
    be separate in one
    with the same meditation.
    Uh the same meditation.

    Uh you know what.
    This, right here is poetry.

    Enjoy. Ualy, play that saxophone right now!

    If love.
    If love had a sound
    this would be that sound.
    And we,
    well we,
    We would be the band to play it."

  19. This is the most genuine thing I've heard in years. I'm addicted now!

  20. how do i do that guitar effect at 0:49 i always hear it in stuff like lonnie liston smith but can never get it right

  21. She always brings something new when she preforms live, it's fantastic! When I saw her live, we did this mini choreography with her, it was great!

  22. This is really a piece of Art as Poetry on Music….Take the time!..
    if love had a sound, this would be that sound..

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