16 thoughts on “Alien Prince's Mate An Auxem Novel

  1. Alien Prince's Mate
    (Auxem #4)
    by Lisa Lace (Goodreads Author)

    Ever since the virus took our women, we've been searching. Searching for their magical gift to create new life. Searching for the fire in their eyes when they scream our names in the heat of passion.

    So when I find Priya, a curvy, dark-eyed human stowaway, there’s only one thing on my mind. Do I care if I’m royalty and she’s a fugitive? Do I care if mating with her could risk everything?

    Of course not!

    The only thing I care about is caressing her delicious curves, opening her legs, and knowing the sweet, wet pleasure inside her. I couldn’t resist her pull even if I wanted to.

    I’ll protect her from everyone, even my own people, even from the pirates trying to board our ship. I’ll protect her until my dying breath!

    Bonding with her is forbidden. She's going to be my mate.

    Alien Prince's Mate is a STAND-ALONE, full-length science fiction romance. There are no cliffhangers, and a happy ending is guaranteed! Abduction: Part 3, an exclusive, never released work is included as a bonus book

  2. Oh.My.God! 10 min. in to it… and I feel my IQ has been irrevocaby lowered to amoeboid level…
    Bad, bad….

  3. Why,oh why am I listening to this. The female narrator is terrible anfd the story has holes that are so large an elephant could walk through.
    So , still I countiue to listen because I like to finish what I haved stared.

  4. What a dull storyline. ,im half way .and there's. No action.im really trying hard to finish listening. To this audiobook. If only her voice is not soooo nasaly. Iratating

  5. The female narrator's voice is whining and nasal. Just couldn't listen to the entire book. UGH

  6. It was certainly worth listening to the end. I really liked the way the story ended.

  7. Her voice makes it difficult for me to listen to. I don't know if I will finish, but I'm going to try.

  8. OMG what just happened to the rest of the videos of this series I wanted to listen to one of them over again how

  9. Ugh, the narroator dies good male voice impressions….and female voice impressions….but the third person narration….its like she's trying to do that robotic/scary/action packed movie preview announcer voice, you know the one!!Ha!!!

  10. Ugh. There are holes in these Auxem stories…
    In "Auxem" they say the women can't find out about their wings, until the babies go through adolescence, yet their "bonding ceremony" requires the males to have their wings out during, to have a proper bond. ………..-_-; GAH.

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