All 50 United States RANKED by Nickname. Part 2

What is going on everyone? It is time for
part two of our ranking of the states by their official nickname series that was
quite a title if you haven’t seen the first one I have a link down below and
you can just go back and watch that and come back to this one if you want to
watch them in order the first part included the beaver State the Equality
State the Cornhusker state and the Garden State to name a few if you
haven’t already picked up on it those are the worst of the worst because those
names suck this next video includes some that are a little bit better but not
much they really they still suck too to recap states have always had nicknames
they’re there to give you a small glimpse into the state they tell you a
little bit about the people the history in the land inside the borders of each
state that’s what they’re supposed to do some of them tell you nothing about the
state while others sort of confuse you about the state we’ve already looked at
the bottom of the barrel let’s see who’s next at number 40 number 40 Utah the
abbreviation for Utah is UT the full nickname for the state is the Beehive
State the bee hive is a symbol of hardwork and Industry Utah’s official
state emblem is a bee hive and the state’s motto is simply the word
industry see what they’re going for is a comparison of how their people work as
hard as bees do get it the bee hive appears on the Utah flags the state seal
the Beehive cluster is recognized as Utah’s official star cluster and of
course the state insect of Utah is a honey bee every kid’s favorite movie in
this state is bee movie the official state classic literature quote is to be
or not to be and the official cup size is B now if I could just find the double
D hive state number 39 North Dakota the abbreviation
for North Dakota is ND the full nickname is the piece and garden state the North
Dakota motor vehicle department placed the phrase on the license plates in 1956
now the international piece and garden straddles the boundary between North
Dakota and the Canadian province of Manitoba now what is that it’s a garden
we got together on the border and made a garden to promote peace between the two
countries the nickname became so popular that it was formally adopted by the
North Dakota State Legislature in 1957 a year later after it was put on the
license plates now that’s all well and hippyish that they have a peace garden
with Canada did we need one probably not we seem to have an OK relationship with
Canada is it too obscure to be put on a license plate and used as the state’s
nickname absolutely they have a secondary one that’s far better the
Sioux State and that’s the Native Americans not something to do with
personal injury attorneys but the Sioux State named after the people that
populated this land before we got here number 38 Maryland the abbreviation for
Maryland is MDS and doctor full nickname for the state is the old line state as
in line single line not lion roar lion asn’t line up people during the
Revolutionary War in the United States the troops from Maryland that fought in
the war were known as the Maryland line military according to some historians
General George Washington gave this name to Maryland because it’s regular line
troops served courageously in many Revolutionary War battles okay so it’s
got a decent back story but the back story it’s been lost on about three
generations it’s an old name and it was kind of an
obscure part of the whole big story of the Revolutionary War it’s time to
change things up maybe use one of your additional nicknames like the Free State
that’s kind of timeless you could use that forever makes sense just don’t use
the other additional nickname it’s the cockade state that sounds like a chicken
flavored sports drink with electrolytes or an all dude naked off-broadway show
cockade everyone come on down and see cockade that just doesn’t sound right number 37 Massachusetts the abbreviation
for Massachusetts is MA and the full nickname is the base state don’t know
why Cape Cod Bay is part of Massachusetts and the state was also
home to the Massachusetts Bay Company which acted as the government for the
most part until about 1680 for why did they settle on the Bay State
Massachusetts has so many better things that could have gone with that this
shouldn’t be a thing there were so many legit Revolutionary War happenings in
Boston in Massachusetts that they should have gone with one of those the Boston
Tea Party the Boston Massacre happened in Massachusetts that was a serious
spark in the revolution now it’s not like the old line state I know I gave
Maryland a hard time about how old it was because it was part of the
Revolutionary War and all it but that one was kind of minor the Boston Tea
Party is a well-known piece of history to this day should have gone with that
the base state sucks they do have to back up once the colony state which
makes a little more state this one of the original colonies and the spirit of
America which sounds like a ship or something number 36 North Carolina the
abbreviation for North Carolina is NC and the full nickname is the Tar Heel
State the nickname stems from the way general robert e lee a Confederate
leader spoke about the Tar Heel boys during war the name stuck sort of like
tar on your heel the term Tar Heel dates back to North Carolina’s early history
when the state was the leading producer of supplies for the naval industry
workers who distilled turpentine from the sticky SAP and pine trees and burn
pine to produce tar and all that nonsense well during the hot summer
months they do it barefoot and undoubtedly they collect a bunch of tar
on their heels to call someone a Tar Heel was to imply that they’re like
manual labor type people a lowly trade you know what I mean like the fry guy
McDonald’s so North Carolina celebrates the unskilled labor great it’s great
thing I don’t know why you name your state after that but they did they got a
couple other ones the old North State and the turpentine state which I don’t
know if either those that are any better the people of North Carolina are
immensely proud of this they’re one of their colleges is the Tar Heels this is
a big thing to these people and I’m sure my friend Greg is going to send me an
evil message on Facebook because this he’s a hardcore North Carolina fan and
he’s from there everything he thinks Michael Jordan who went to North
Carolina is like the greatest thing ever it’s weird
number 35 Vermont the abbreviation for Vermont is V teen the full nickname is
the Green Mountain State the name Vermont originated from the
French term Vermont ve Rd second word is mo NT I think I pronounced it right but
anyway in French it means Green Mountain so they decided to go with that this
reminds me of a place that had to turn in a nickname to someone and forgot to
do it till the night before they had no thinking they just what do we name it
what do we name it some french guy in the back of the room said you have a lot
of green mountains let’s go with that what’s the French word for green
mountains Vermont okay perfect there we go there’s no real
creativity or history here they don’t even have a backup for it Vermont is a
quiet state that nobody remembers is a state until someone brings up Bernie
Sanders then you’re oh yeah he’s from Vermont most people on the west coast
couldn’t pick out Vermont on a map unless it had the word Vermont on it but
if it was a blank map they’d have no idea where it is they should change
their nickname to the hidden in plain sight state number 34 Washington the
abbreviation for Washington is W a full nickname is the Evergreen State contrary
to popular belief the Evergreen State has nothing to do with Washington being
one of the first states to legalize weed Washington was nicknamed the Evergreen
State or its abundant evergreen forests by CT Conover a Seattle realtor and
historian the Evergreen state nickname is very well known and widely used but
it was never officially adopted by Washington State’s legislature these
people are afraid of commitment an additional nickname for Washington is
the state of love and trust that sounds like some politician got caught with a
stripper and came up with that name to calm his wife down number 33 Rhode
Island the abbreviation for Rhode Island is RI and the full nickname is the ocean
state I’m not sure why the ocean state can be seen on Rhode Island license
plates so they’ve gone all in they even got coins with it on there I don’t get
it Rhode Island is known for sandy shores and seaside colonial towns blah
blah blah that’s what it says on the state’s website I’m not sure why they
went with this one there are two methods that measure shoreline method one only
counts oceans and bays but doesn’t include rivers and lakes in method one
they came in 20th place for coastline the second method their 23rd Arkansas
almost beat them and they’re landlocked this one is like false advertising
additional nicknames for Rhode Island though is little rody which I don’t know
about that one sounds like a midget that works behind
the scenes for a band and the plantation state which I don’t know about that one
either they’re kind of screwed they need a new
one number 32 Texas the breviary Texas is TX and the full nickname is the Lone
Star State the nickname for Texas the Lone Star
State was only made official in 2015 not too far back the first official use of
the Lone Star came in 1836 when the Congress of the Republic of Texas
adopted a flag with a five point gold star on a background this one again
isn’t much creativity it’s just a star on their flag and they ran with it the
only reason it isn’t lower is because of the people Texans love this flag and may
punch you in the mouth after a few too many shiner bucks for talking trash
about their flag I’m not even kidding they take it very serious and number 31
New Hampshire debris VA ssin for New Hampshire is NH the full nickname is the
Granite State now this one sucks unless your granite enthusiast and if you know
a granite enthusiast congratulations you know a weirdo they have a lot of granite
in this state it’s been quite the industry for them over the years they
had a really cool granite cliff or rock formation whatever you want to call it
that looked like an old man they called it the old man of the mountain or some
called it the great stone face those people are probably the people play
Dungeons and Dragons the formation collapsed to the ground
between midnight and 2:00 a.m. on May 3rd 2003 sadness over the collapse has
been so great that people have visited and paid tribute including leaving
flowers and writing poems writing poems about some rocks yeah John
Denver wrote songs about the Rocky Mountains so I guess it’s okay anyway
they do have some additional ones the mother of rivers which I don’t
understand and the White Mountains which I guess is a counter to their next-door
neighbor of Vermont’s Green Mountains who knows but this one’s just kind of
weak but we’re getting towards the better ones all right so that’s today’s video I hope
you guys enjoyed it hope you got some information out of it we’ll have another
one up tomorrow that’ll get through the next ten don’t forget all the links
below buy a t-shirt I just came out with a new t-shirt that says being offended
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everybody have a great day be nice to each other you

100 thoughts on “All 50 United States RANKED by Nickname. Part 2

  1. SC boy, but I thought NC Tar Heel came from Revolutionary War as well as SC's… when Tarelton said that the troops from NC held their ground like there was Tar on their Heels

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  4. Here we go, part 2…
    40. UT – The Beehive State
    39. ND – The Peace & Garden State
    38. MD – The Old Line State
    37. MA – The Bay State
    36. NC – The Tarheel State
    35. VT – The Green Mountain State
    34. WA – The Evergreen State
    33. RI – The Ocean State
    32. TX – The Lone Star State
    31. NH – The Granite State


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  16. you missed out on the Tarheel state it came from the revolutionary war, the N.C. troops would not give ground and stood to fight. some of the most bitter fighting was in N.C. & S.C. This prompted the British general to remark "they fought like they had tar stuck to their heels"

  17. I love the videos, keep them coming. Little point of interest about the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It isn't called The Bay State because of Cape Cod Bay. It's called The Bay State because of Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts Bay, and Buzzards Bay which is south of the Cape. I once more would like to bring your attention to the Glorious town of Cuttyhunk. For the next time you doing something about small towns. I think the population is 52, and it's on an island only way to get there is by a 90 minute ferry ride. Google Earth Cuttyhunk, see what I mean.

  18. Ok I have to chime in about Rhode Island. The official State name is the longest in state name in the United States. It's Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. I owned a house in Rhode Island, all the deeds and documents spell out the entire Rhode Island and Providence Plantations on it. The vehicle registrations spell out Rhode Island and Providence Plantations on them. It's no joke, the littlest State has the longest name. Google it!

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    Yes, it's the smallest rare with the longest name. And they voted to keep it several years ago.

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