Amanda Hocking discusses her start as a self-published author

I think I always knew that I wanted to be a writer since I knew what writing was I knew that's what I wanted to do there's something that I always wanted to tell stories when I was very young before I could write I was talking and telling stories and then as soon as I could write I was writing I think I've written it must be a 21 books now I had been kind of taking treating writing writing more like a hobby like I wanted to do it professionally but I wasn't willing to put in all the work and they ended up seeing an interview with Mark Hoppus where he said that it's not enough to have a passion you have to be willing to put in the work and then to put it all the hours and that really resonated with me and I knew that I needed to do it and put it on the work and I think I've really started working a lot at it so that when self-publishing kind of started emerging as more of a viable option I was ready it was March of 2010 that I saw published my first book I started querying agents to be traditionally published in I don't when I was 17 after I wrote my first novel and it was a bad novel and it was a bad letter so I didn't get accepted which was probably for the best but so I tried um for about I guess would be eight years to become traditionally published before I decided to self-publish I liked the immediacy of self-publishing I can publish something and it's kind of Vincent it's already it's out there instantly and then I can get instant feedback it's the the barriers between a reader and a writer I feel are a lot thinner which is both a positive and a negative also publishing but I think that's the best part of it initially I was selling like a few books a day but by June there was was three months later to three months later I was selling thousands of books and then by the end of the year I was by the beginning of the next year I was selling hundreds of thousands of books so it happened relatively quickly when I made the USA Today bestseller list that was kind of crazy and intense it was I'd always wanted to be on a bestseller list and it was kind of surreal to see it actually happen the self-publishing is a lot of work but it's hard to exactly quantify how its work it's is you spend a lot of hours on the computer emailing people talking to people kind of networking I guess with book bloggers and readers and other writers and I think it was a lot of there was a lot of time put into that just kind of being present on the internet and being accessible and answering emails it was about probably 40 hours a week I was spending on it initially at least and that way I wasn't even what I was spending on writing that was just talking about books I decided to go the traditional publisher basically because I was spending 40 hours a week answering emails and doing stuff that wasn't writing there's a lot of writing adjacent tasks that you have to do as a self publisher you have to be a whole publishing company and it's a lot of work and a lot of stress I mean there are benefits to it but working with a publisher there's a lot of other people helping me and doing it and it's not just all me trying to scramble and get everything done when I finished writing wake which is the first book of my water Song series I sent it to my editor and then I got to not worry about it anymore it was with somebody else she's taking care of it making sure that the right things are getting done with it and I get to sit here and work on other ideas I get to work on the next book or other books that I want to work on and not stress about it and I just saw published another book and I have to worry about it and stress about it and hope that everything turned out okay and then it's formatted right and all sorts of stuff but with this one I just get to sit here and I like that with a traditional publisher I've definitely had the best of both worlds because I've been able to have input on the cover and on the marketing and stuff being able to have input without being able to have all the stresses kind of exactly what I was looking for for people who think that I'm a cell and I think that they're kind of missing the point everything that I've been trying to do is to make the best quality product that reaches the most readers and I have never changed my stance on that and that's all I'm really trying to do the most important thing is to write a good book I think that people actually gloss over that a lot and become booms all about the avenue of how should you publish and when should you publish and we're and and number-one thing is writing a good book writing a book that that relates to readers is is the number-one thing so work on that and then I think everything else will kind of come into place

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  1. hi i have a question for you what kind of novels you write i want to buy one 😊😊😙

  2. Great video Amanda! Thanks🤗
    I have start only since one month with public my first book [Prayer is not Enough – The Golden Key to Personal Happiness]. Also i have create an amazing Book Trailer and still i can’t find my readers…I will be honest and will let you know, this book is really based on a true story and after i have go this hard way out of the dark into happiness, i swear write a book to help other people… and this is how my story begins….But is really not easy find your readers in a world with billions of new books every year. That‘s why i really just want say that you are doing a very good job and thanks for share experiences.
    Keep follow you here. KR
    Nelson Gomez Coelho✨
    PS: if somebody can help me publish my book massiv, then please contact me.

  3. I published my Book THE god good to figure out Kindle Amazon A christian apologetic Book

  4. How exactly do your self published books get an audience? Is there advertising involved?

  5. Thanks for sharing your inspiring life story :)! Also, I liked that you addressed the pros and cons of self-publishing. Great video!!

  6. I'm so proud of you Amanda! I never knew that I was chasing after the wrong dreams all my life, I always thought it was writing songs and singing. This November it all started out by me goofing around writing a short story but then it became a child from book, after that I wrote a couple more. I am dumbfounded with all the tools on the internet of how to self publish ect.. But I can't wait to learn cuz I have a beautiful story. All the best to you from Wisconsin!

  7. 3 reason you should write and publish your ebook

  8. What percentage do you make when dealing with traditional publishing houses

  9. More power to you! You inspire all the dreamers! Congrats on everything you have achieved!

  10. You inspired me to self-publish after procrastinating for 5 years.

  11. I love how she pretty much said a big fuck you to all the highly commercialized and corporate publishers out there and instead did her own thing. Much respect!

  12. Amanda, sorry to bother you but I'm 14 years old and I love to write and express my love for writing on different platforms I got kindle on my phone and started to read a couple of books and so life went on. But when I realised that I actually want people to notice me for my books I searched many different things on YouTube and all the different social media platforms, and I came across your YouTube channel and I said to my self wow! this women is amazing and I here I am and all I ask for is advice on how improve your writing skills and how to sell your books quicker and faster to earn more money.

    Please reply

    sincerely braydan

  13. This video was made forever ago from when I am writing, but I have been following you for a while. Trying to find some confidence in writing and its been difficult. I have a ton of ideas I have had since I was a kid and I am trying to put them out. Just scare I guess. I am starting my first book and finished the first chapter. I like how it started so far. I keep watching your videos to enlighten me more. So Thank you for saying what you have told us and your advice is great.

  14. So are you saying Amazon is not a way to upload to Kindle and , how else should we find audiences, im trying to figure out Cover designers if your on a budget i know there are diff types of people that do diff styles for a budget is this practical ? Do we need to hire big Companies to do the same thing, I have done my own stuff here and there. Not on the New Yorks list as of yet.. but also do not have the funds to invest with something I personally can hire armatures to do for the same type of work.

  15. Amazing story!!!! Very inspiring. Thanks for moving on your passion and working so we can know. Success can happen.

  16. The most important thing IS to write a good book! Yes 🙂

  17. hi Amanda. thx for all your videos. and writing of course, just want to say your book covers are amazing. who does them for you? awesome. thx again

  18. That's what drew me into ebooks! It does give you a quicker feedback time because your work gets out there to readers and writers faster. Kind of nerve racking yes, but I think in the end it's worth it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this!

  19. Selling ebooks is impossible people. Don't get your hopes up. If I wrote 100 ebooks I would make about $100 and maybe not even that much.

  20. I like to revisit this page ever so often. She is so friggin inspirational!

  21. Awesome info; I'm almost finished with my first novel and would love the opportunity to pick your brain, so to speak.

  22. Just bought Crystal Kingdom, and I'm hooked. Can't put it down. I love your books, and I want to be an author when I'm older. You inspired me, and now I know what I'm going to strive for.

  23. i wish i can sell more books, im so scared no one will even buy my book.

  24. The only thing that bothers me about downloading ebooks is this (exerpt from an online review about Hollowland): "While the plot and the characters may have been triumphs, the writing really leaves a lot to be desired. I do not like to talk about spelling  and grammar because in the context of reviewing a story it doesn't really add much value, but in this case I have to comment. The ebook I downloaded was riddled with typos and formatting errors, often disrupting the immersion and really making this book hard to read. Very basic grammatical errors littered throughout the book were quite annoying to read, but the substantial grammatical errors had me rereading lines multiple times, scratching my head trying to figure out what is going on and what the author is trying to tell me."

  25. I want to write a book but don't know how to start I want to write about mysteries or vampires or witches something like that

  26. Loved the book switched make another trllye series or do a movie please (:

  27. Very talented and down to earth which makes her awesome to learn from.

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