Amazing Coincidences You Won’t Believe Happened

thanks first presents amazing coincidences you won’t believe happened [Music] number one destined to be together this is one of the most amazing coincidences you won’t believe happened it’s not uncommon for a random person to pop up in the background of a family photo if you look at this photo it looks like a picture of family enjoying their vacation and the man in the photo who happens to be at the same place at the same time what makes this photo so strange is that the random man in this photo married the woman on the Left seven years later at the time the photo was taken they didn’t even know each other it wasn’t until they were already engaged that they realized that they were at the exact same place at the exact same time what are the odds number two preschool friends the couple in this photo were best friends in preschool but after preschool they started at different schools and they lost touch you know it’s easy for kids this young to lose touch when they were in their 20s they had a mutual friend didn’t even know it they were both went to a party at this friend’s house they realized that they were best friends when they were 4 years old today they’re dating and extremely happy to see movies when things like this happen but you don’t really see it all that much in real life number three same photo same age same place when a man and his wife were married they started going through their old family photos it was then that they discovered that they each took the same photo at the age of 10 at Hersheypark they didn’t meet on that day there were 30 years old when they met but they were shocked that they both took the same family vacation photo and that they were the same age when they did so number 4 Amy and Nick it’s strange when you marry somebody only to find out that you had met once before this is the case with Amy and Nick when they were little kids they both happen to be at the same amusement park their families weren’t there together in fact they didn’t know each other at all the kids just happened to be together when they took a photo with one of the theme parks characters when they were going through old family photos they discovered that they met his children this was enough for them to believe in destiny and they got married number 5 that first dance in the photo on the left you can see a boy and a girl dancing together neither one of them looks all that happy about it at the time they had no idea that one day they would be dancing at their own wedding it’s crazy how you can find love in a place where you least expect to it’s adorable how these two met as kids and then they found each other again as adults today they are much happier to be together than when they were dancing as children number six finding love at Woodstock most people don’t expect to find the love of their lives at a music festival based on what happens to these events one of the most famous music festivals in history was Woodstock the couple in this photo met there they met spent the entire festival together the relationship continued and eventually they got married today they are still together and they recently celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary there have been plenty of books written about Woodstock and the couple’s first photo together just so happen to be on the cover next time you go to a music festival and you think that there’s just no way you’re gonna meet the one big again number 7 meeting on a merry-go-round and falling in love these two kids got on a merry-go-round when they were just 5 or 6 years old you can see how the girls face that she was completely smitten with the young boy it wasn’t until they were in high school though that she told him how she felt ever since they were children turned out he was just as smitten with her when the couple got married they reenacted the photo that they took on the merry-go-round when they were kids this story is just adorable number 8 destined to be together most people don’t meet the love of their life before they’re able to talk walk or stand that is however exactly what happened with this couple they met when they were babies because their parents were very close when they were young since meeting his babies they were inseparable ever since May believe that they were lucky they met when they were so young it saved them from dealing with bad relationships and even worse breakups number nine long-distance love story the couple in this photo was from opposite sides of the world he was from France she was from Canada they met when they both took trips to Thailand to take up driving they met in Thailand and fell in love they’ve been together for three years man they’re planning to one day get married it’s an example of a long-distance love story number ten Alex and Adam Alex and Adam knew each other when they were children in the top photo you can see them at a wedding Alex fell in love with Adam at first sight on that day the two lost contact and Alex moved on from her love for Adam when they were in their late teens they both happened to be guests at another wedding finally Alex has a chance to tell Adam how she really felt about him today they are a happy couple number 11 Michael and Natalie when Michael and Natalie were kids in Saudi Arabia they were really close as they got older they lost touch with each other and it took 20 years but they found each other again on Facebook they began dating soon after and today they’re married it’s a true love story the couple found a picture together when they were kids they decided to recreate it when they got together as adults it’s something that fairy tales are made of number twelve meeting at a wedding the two little kids in this photo were asked to be the flower girl and the ring bearer at their parents friend’s wedding the little girl looks like she’s in love with a little boy the photo on the right is the same couple this time they’re at their own wedding they manage to remain close throughout their entire lives and realized that it was their destiny to get married there’s nothing cuter than when a couple can look back and see how they feel about each other when they were only 3 or 4 years old number 13 an amazing bond sometimes it’s true that you can find love in a place you least expect that was the case with Heather and Chris in 2014 heather needed to have a liver transplant in order to live Chris her daughter didn’t even know her when he agreed to give a piece of his liver away when Heather asked to meet her donor she and Chris fell in love right away was it long before the two were married well if there’s any true definition of a special bond this is it number 14 in love with a classmate when the girl in these photos was 15 years old she told her classmates that she was in love with him but he was silly and that’s what she liked about him turned out that he had feelings for her too and they decided to date today they’re 25 years old and married these photos are of a couple of 15 years old and a couple at 25 years old the teenagers date it usually doesn’t last kids that age are young immature they don’t really know what love is or what they’re looking for in a partner this couple is the exception to the rule they’re living proof that you can marry your highschool sweetheart number 15 social media love the woman in this photo wanted to find zoo tickets on Twitter the man in the photo just happened to have some extra tickets so they decided to meet up to make the transaction when they met it was love at first sight they started dating and eventually they got married if it weren’t for social media and the fact that she wanted zoo tickets that he just happened to have they would never have met it’s crazy now destiny can work sometimes this couple believes the universe brought them together at just the right time in their lives I tend to agree number 16 marrying your classmate the man and woman in this wedding photo met one day and they fell in love they dated for a while and then they decided to get married after the wedding they moved into the same house together while they were unpacking they found something that amazed the both of them it was a kindergarten picture and they were standing side by side neither of them had any idea that they were in the same kindergarten class they didn’t realize it until they were going through their old photos after they were already married stories like this can give you the goosebumps subscribe for more [Music]

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  1. So basically , this is all love stories. …. .nothing special about it….👎👎👎👎👎👎
    I hope to see something that are mind boggling , but in the end …….. disappointed……..

  2. Number 2
    I had a classmate when I was grade 1 and he didn't introduce himself to me or anything and I met him again after 4 years (grade 6) he became my classmate and I knew his name even though he didn't say his name to me but he's popular at school but I didn't know him for 4 years like he never existed or something and we became friends last school year (grade 6) and now I'm grade 7 and we still chat with each other since he moved to another school
    what are the odds hahaha

  3. My friends from school were born in the same hospital one day after the other was born, now they are in the same class being best friends, and they were next to each other in the hospital nursery

  4. 7:20, that’s the guy and girl from the meme where they’re walking and they pass another girl and the boyfriend is peeking at her booty

  5. First coincidence has happened with my uncle and aunt
    They are in same photo when children and got married (arrange) after 15-16 years.

  6. My husband and i were in the same high school we dated but then we broke up and the next year i didn’t saw him again. It passed 2 years , my family and i moved to a new place and i found out that he was my neighbor. Now we married and have 2 beautiful children.

  7. So I’m not married lol but I have something similar to the 1st story but it’s not in a picture. A really good friend of mine, who I’m crushing on, that’s in the military, before we even knew of each other, I found out he was stationed at a military base in the same state about an hour from the city that I stay in. It was bizarre that we missed each other like that but we didn’t know of each other back then. It still blows my mind. And when we first started talking that was only 2 months before.

  8. So this happens to me his name was rockit and I am Sky if that saying something we also have matching BIRTHMARKS!! have y'all ever hear of couples with the same birthmark

  9. Can you see the back of adam and alex the two person its weird because when adam ang alex was child they been captured in the camera then when there are meet again the person in the back have been captured by the camera weird right ???

  10. My story isn't that much of a coincidence but me and my gf met online I'm from Puerto Rico she's from bermuda, our birthdays are one after the other so we celebrate a 2 day bday extravaganza

  11. Everyone has a doppelgänger out there somewhere. I was lucky to met mine at an airport in Phoenix,before we had cell phones. She lives in London and I live in Oklahoma. It made for a very interesting 2 hour layover at the bar in the smoking section! Great meeting her!

  12. In the background of number 10 you see the same people wearing the same thing and the lady is wearing the same hat!

  13. Is it me or is this a massive coincidence..was washing up and had thought about a scene in rocky film where he walks out a shop and lights a cig..that was it no major scene or anything. then went to door for a cig n two kids walk past and one says to other u remember scene in rocky where he walks out the shop and lights a cig. I think out of all the strange coincidences I've had that blew my mind!! The chance of me thinking such an irrelevant thing and then straight after someone saying it and me being there to hear it!!

  14. your video is interesting, but the music gave me a headache!!!!!!
    sorry had to tell you do remains be it.

  15. Its hapend wth ma sis n his son'bst fn of colage.wen his son ws showng his famly poto sudnly his fn strted to shout hey is ths ur mom c in our famly poto in tajmhl wen v visitd thr wen i ws so young….

  16. These aren't coincidences. Believe me, they aren't. These are examples of destiny. Eventhough I'm still a 13-year old, I'm sure these aren't coincidences.

  17. I have so many friends in preschool and I missed them alot

  18. that alex n adam at the wedding happens to be taking thw photo in the same ceremonial hall table put in the same manner wd the same man at the back ground wearing same tuxedo with same napkins in front of them💙🙄

  19. I actually have a story like this. In 2nd grade, I was both on the volleyball team and the cheer squad. I had 2 friends on cheer named (changed for privacy) Ariana and Rebecca. I also had 2 friends on volleyball, Jade and Beccy. For 7 years, we were out of touch. In 9th grade, we were assigned groups of 5 for Biology. We were doing icebreakers to get to know our groups. One of the questions was “have you ever done sports?” I found out that everyone had done sports with everyone else (the volleyball girls did other sports with the cheer girls, too.)

  20. Did anyone else notice thst he said.. "The woman on the left…. But he clearly highlights the lady on the right….??

  21. My besy friend and I are in the same grade, we were both homescooled for several years. We were both in the same online school for a few years so we may have been in the same class connect sessions at one point then we met at a church a few years later. (Sorry for bad punctuation)

  22. In the first case, the man married the woman next to him, in black! Not with the one you said. They are my parents.


  24. The Adam & Alex story where they where at a wedding from when kids & then a wedding when they were older….I noted that many aspects of both pix are the same….more coincidences?

  25. Stories like these makes me just make my belief in fate stronger. If it’s meant to happen, it will happen no matter what or how long.

  26. Coincidences in my own life: )

    My nephew was born in 2001. My sister was due on Dec 25th, but he "hung out for a while longer". He was the first "New Years Baby" for a large region. He was born at 12:34am. Soooooooo, his birthdate is officially (NOT USING MILITARY TIME):
    01/01/01 12:34.

    I have three girls- my oldest and then twins two years later. They're all adults now; 26 and 24.
    My first "TRUE love"- his parents names were Dave and Kathy. My eldest daughter's first "TRUE love"- his parents names are Dave and Kathy. Her bf's name? Joshua David. When they were dating, at the same time one of my twins was dating a boy also. His name? Joshua David.

    I met my ex-fiancé online and we dated for almost seven years. We met in a city that is close to 200 miles away from where I grew up. Turns out HE grew up in a small town about 15 minutes from where I grew!!! Our paths never crossed until the internet and a city FAAAAARR from "home"!!!

    Interesting??? Here's more!!!………,.

    In 1998/99 my girl's were in "private home daycare" instead of a traditional classroom daycare because I preferred more of the 'one-on-one' care and the low numbers of kids to caregiver ratio. There was a boy there that was 11 years old while my eldest daughter was five. (You can probably see where this is going!! 😜) Well, he took a liking to her and became her little "protector" everywhere she went! At that time my girls and I lived in a different small city about 2 1/2 (2.5) hrs away from where I grew up. Later, when my girls were in their early teens we moved south, about 250 miles away from the small city- to the city where I met my ex-fiancé. We had lived in this "new" city for a few years when the boy and my daughter met again!!! They have been married now for almost four years, and have two children!!!! And, NO, his name is NOT Josh!!!! Lol!!!

    One more!!!!…………………
    When my mom gave birth to me I was born one month premature and weighed 5lbs 5.5oz (I'm 5'5" tall – just a teeny coincidence). Well, the woman in the next room also gave birth to a baby girl and named her Leeann (my sister's name. Fast forward 14 months later my mom gave birth to my sister (ALSO premature- 5lbs 5oz- she's just baaarrely 5" tall. ANOTHER TEENY COINCIDENCE????? ORRRRR just creepy??!!??) WELL, the woman in the next room was the SAME WOMAN from when my mom had ME!!! She gave her new baby, a girl, MY name!!!! SOOOOO, out there is a woman with my sister's name that shares my birthday, and, a woman that has my name but shares my SISTER'S birthday!!!!! TOO. FREAKIN. WEIRD. If you ask me!!!!!!!
    Hope you enjoyed reading about some of the coincidences that I've had in my life (yup, there ARE more!!!!!)!!!! And, YES, they are all TRUE!!!!!!! 😀 Have a GREAT day!!!!!

  27. That young couple who were inseperable in nursery school did get married and are living in Phoenix. Actually they got together early in high school. not in their twenties and dated in high school.

  28. Good video had to stop at 3:11 no more Farmer in the Dell please would like to see the rest of the video without the music

  29. Why would you choose the "Farmer in the Dell" as the background music?

  30. The pictures with Alex and Adam, seems fake. (5:23). In both pictures, the people behind them are the same people, wearing the same clothes. The drinking glasses are in the exact same position. Also, it said that they went to a different wedding, (second picture). So, it just happened that they wore the same clothes as the first? He has on the same shirt and she has on the same dress.

  31. I know of a young boy who wanted to hold a little baby girl on his lap. The families separated and did not contact each other for over 15 years. The boy and girl met again and not knowing each other previously, they were married. It was not until one of the parents told them what had happened over 15 year earlier.

  32. If you marry someone u grew up with that is like dating ur sister or cousin

  33. there is a book called miss you it's a love story on this theme it's brilliant.

  34. Most of these are not coincidences.. Destiny and a coincidence are not the same thing.

  35. My husband and I went to the same high school in out lovely island Bermuda 🇧🇲,. We were in the drama class and we were vying for the lead roles as husband and wife/mother father in the school play. We were both 14 years old and never really paid too much attention to one another before or after the play.

    We were both successful at getting the roles. The 3 day play was a hit and although at the same school, we rarely had anything to say to one another besides ‘hello’ in passing. 30 years had passed and we were reunited as friends on Facebook via another mutual high school friend.

    We started reconnecting for over a year and will now celebrate 10 years of marriage on July 24th. The crazy thing about all of this is that 40 years ago to the day, (July 24th 1980) was when we acted as husband and wife in the school play 😊💍🎩💕

  36. It was torture to watch, with that ridiculous music screaming in my brain!!!!!

  37. You know what's weird ? how many people in the comments don't get that couple #10 are re-creating as close as possible the picture from when they were kids. Same clothes, same decor, same older couple at back.

  38. My grand parents met in pre school. They have been together for 55 years.

  39. this made me really sleepy, pls dont change the way you give facts… 😂 ill just come to ur channel whenever im having a hard time falling asleep.

  40. It’s strange that in every single one of these pictures the girl is always looking at the boy.

  41. My husband told me he liked me in 3rd grade, a few weeks later he moved to a different school fast forward to 9th grade er stated dating at age 15 were now married and 31years old 😍😍😍

  42. I know for a fact these story's can happen 😍 its happened to me when I was 14 I went on a school trip seen this lad my age from a different school on the trip,anyway that was the 1st time seen him,as him with me,when I was 18 I moved to a different part of country were he was without knowing,he seen me standing outside my sisters house at age 33 we than started talking and became good friends,we now are dating and due to get married next year,its amazing how many times we have been in the same place same time,the bound between is incredible 😍i know in my heart we are ment to be.

  43. My daughter and son-in-law started as they say date at the age of 12. They are 26 now married with 2 girls. And still going strong. You have to love middle school sweethearts.

  44. Old Macdonald had a farm playing in the background was pretty annoying. Just saying.

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