America The Great: A Spoken Word Poem

America the great
Where no matter where you are You’re at risk of gun violence
Where no matter who you are They will pay for your silence
Where classism is still at practice in courts And racism is alive in the police force
Where kids don’t have to speak their fears Because they point to the tv and all of them
are there Where we shame every woman who has an abortion
But make up excuses for the rapists who hurt them
they say there’s equality between women and men here
But men don’t have to walk the streets in fear
That is unless you are a black man In which case is vital to survival that you
understand If you are caught selling CDs to provide for
your family They can gun you down, No justification, murder
in the second degree And if an officer asks for your license and
registration They might shoot you, no hesitations, no explanation
America the great Where day after day the news is soaked in
tears More guns than people somethings not right
here Since when should it be easier to get a gun
Than healthcare Where our nominee for president can pay his
way When he says the same things we hear from
the kkk Where our senators can use insider trading
to get wealthy While the rest of us are out here fighting
just to stay healthy Where we refuse to let people get married
if they’re gay But if a rich white male rapes a girl, it
was just a mistake Where we won’t let people use the bathrooms
they’re comfortable in Laws based on hate, ignorance and discrimination
America the great Where we hold hands and hope for peace
But someone on the no fly list can buy an ar15
Where we pray for the families and pray for the people
But refuse to accept certain ones as our equals Where we refuse to accept refugees
But forget that we too were once in need Where people are working to ban a religion
Forgetting that it’s against the basis of our constitution
Where people defend a flag representing hate and discrimination
But spit on one representing equal love for a nation
Where people refuse to acknowledge that racism is still alive
Corruption is everywhere but we act like it’s fine
Where being gay is an illness,More so than depression
Meanwhile everybody in America is under the impression
That we’re great How can somebody who preaches so much hate
Vow to make a country great again A country that was never that great
We advertise as a place of love, freedom and life
But freedom is only free for the rich and the white
America the great Americas full of hate
But America holds hope for a greater fate I believe that we can be
Something greater than anybody’s seen And fulfill martins dream
It’s 2016 This is just the scene
Of a movie that were pretending We don’t see,
But there’s still time to rewrite the ending So we can be
Greater than any dream you’ve ever dreamed America the great

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