41 thoughts on “American Authors – Best Day Of My Life (In London)

  1. This is gonna be best day of my life …. 😀 .. love this song

  2. Me esncanta su musica sonnre proo los quiero mucho amo su musica y esta me levanta el mal humor y me pone de un mudo increible la escucho todos los dias y nunca me aburre!!,!! Tkm chicos !!!!!! :):):)

  3. I hope they had a cool time in London. I didn't know you could go on the o2 arena

  4. The end dose not make seens i mast up put the top it makes seens

  5. I am in love with this song i can hear this song all day
    this us not the name qho comea

  6. simply amazing.the world needs more American authors and less 1d

  7. Its super similar like imagine dragons isnt it? But great song 😀😛😃

  8. Awesome! I love this song! I'm singing this song for my graduation to middle school!

  9. Adam Shelley from Tallahassee! AWESOME! dude, i grew up with that dude…like for real, friends as kids and everything!

  10. You were in Ohio, right? Sad I didn't catch the show… Ah, well, glad I can still listen to your music online. :3
    I'm drawing an animation to the full music of Best Day of My Life for my school's talent show, too, if you want to see it. :3

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