no I'm sorry baby I was like he's the king of me bum is not a king of even if I say that yeah house music on my projects a day every day and again to buy the set for the battle shout out to the sponsors for today in fabulous you know he's provided [Applause] you wanna win this [Applause] [Applause] Boudica part of your body Susanna's auntie like okay Mary Yoshio tonari yonder party there a booty line one part Sameera moon pyramid he actually saying you're gay oh she tired like you were like a girl you're not a guy type and then he referred to it now to stop down blue your girl wants to hook up with me you know that's how you knew poising but to the psychotic on I hit a fucking plate if you win this battle this must be your lucky day I could slap you right now and get this crowd amused but I don't want to be accused of child abuse Ricardo get three money that you poco pull it flow wannabe tells us to Lootera Coco I rap for the number fee you rap for hoes throat up o povo even funny make you don't even have to rap a verse cuz we all know what the fuck you're gonna say after this battle beats back to my route on a platter a good nail Toledo these rotten lowdown about a good narrow toe later me remove from the collar could add some ice on the cheese never idea I can't believe I'm better okay Louis worse than baby Jew I mean the way she pulls in the movie juice is way better than the way he flew he'll captain ugly doesn't let your chin you here in some special mission after the more additional senior the only thing they'll get to us a dick for is Bessette back to prison they don't deserve to walk free man not before their moms is this video and actually the reason I will warn your people free hand he'll be masturbates after shits past late and his regular Google keystrokes are good take ass paws and gay just not tight that's not even if I mean he's like a persona like him a name yeah he actually trying to rap fast you know I'm just doing something yeah I'm actually here I actually follow him and now he's the king of Nepal is not a king of Nepal from starting the view to the king of words so I'm tummy down and played cool cuz your pump that's too much of a fool to send your ass to school shit before this bitch could even kill anybody all these victims ran back to Burgundy so if you want to stay a killer be the wear a mask send somebody else so get plastic surgery you know dude he's not go puts it why it's us I'll tell see column but I'm still gonna fucking each one okay let's go know what wounds are so hot it's gonna burn you like lava does everybody rides his mama she's something like me this battle scene guys I'm the oak euphony pop OH – Fernet pop legend in the making no faith in this role as the next pop you totally did not your vocal is less hot the only time you get a pussy is when you go to a pet shop it's so easy like in the turn off my soda ghetto booty coat Oksana due to Lou once I'm small just bit you better get Duncan I don't like chicken heads clucking you can find me with a fucking killer with a capital K right nice and even doctor daughter please don't make the lines that you speak Chinese the same you post one link in my video Oh some the game you fake shame and way ahead of you shake your map you can't even keep the you can't even keep the run to maintain that around me look like a woodcutter you motherfucker and nobody took the last time but this time I will not Scudder unique poet your children tell him what he is ha ha no way say you were to cut up with them cab bouquets firing shots you shorted it but I'm higher than chopped GI to 9 so let me put it all together Charan is not a spreader and you're dressing like monkey leaves up go buy some feather stay at school don't fool around keep practicing in the next time okay that's it I'm gonna go in with the winning like nothing you already been on a flinch what Julie for this one I'll give you way too but now if I listen to his song haha he actually couldn't sound that's what I'm saying he baby I mean that's why I like it I like it so many good I can relate on generation condemnation that sounds so good no I mean yeah I think I actually follow him with the songs and stuff that's why I take his side but this one I would give it to unique I'm not gonna lie you gotta watch the other one unique got bodied oh yeah love it now to kill them okay I wanna see that later but that's it for the video yeah you're not good he's good I like this music that music is dude he's better performers yeah that's true that's true he has his lettuce musics are good like before these songs are good that's why I just take his side because I know his songs and all that but I tell you can you know sir this one cycle Lewis I'm saying to you when I'm sorry I'll support but yeah that's it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed to let us know with some videos who will react to next and comment down below and some of the Porsche notification today subscribe to get you give this video a big thumbs up and we'll see you guys in the next video we out for today change let's go man's in a pop or a pop


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