20 thoughts on “Amity Shlaes, Author, "Coolidge"

  1. Entitlements?…. and no mention of the gigantic war machine that did not exist during the 20's?

  2. Coolidge bore no responsibility for the depression because he felt it wasn't the government's job to intervene. It makes perfect sense, just like when your neighborhood fire department bears no responsibility for when the church burns down because they don't believe in fires.

  3. I suspect this tome is bound to fall in the dust bin of historiography. How anyone could find inspiration out of a mentality of the caliber of Calvin Coolidge is a sign of a mediocre intellect. We must never fail to forget that only seven months following his departure the nation was struck by the most catastrophic economic collapse in its history. This was directly tied into his incessant drive to reduce the ambit of government regulation in society and its concomitant financial burden. Coolidge's only acumen was to know when it was time to leave.

  4. None of it can be blamed on him. The fractional reserve banking system is to blame.

  5. I'd take a hundred Coolidge's to these Republican & Democrat Progressives we have to put up with today. We are lead by narcissistic idiots!!  Calvin ROCKS!

  6. the budget was lower… that's what makes a strong economy? good god, ideology certainly simplifies things, huh? the "gold standard" tax rate led to a speculation bubble that resulted in a worldwide economic crisis. this resulted in the death of 100 million people. thankfully for you, madame, getting grants from the AEI and the Bradley Foundation doesn't require competence.

  7. Great book. It's a shame that Baby Bush didn't feel inclined to serve in Vietnam, and instead used his daddy's influence to stay away. A coward, right along with Cheney.

  8. Amity Shlaes has lost all of her femininity and is becoming a man.

  9. Unlike some presidents of contemporary times, President Coolidge always talked to the people as a father would talk to his son or daughter. He always told them the truth and never let them down. He told the people what they needed to know in order to improve their minds as well as their souls.

  10. Shlaes is a right-wing shill. I don't care what she looks like. I don't care if bats fly out of her butt. She is not the real deal.

  11. I am surprised in reading some of the comments that people cannot stay on subject, commenting about something totally unrelated makes no sense.  This is about Coolidge not about all those other characters that are mentioned, keep comments about Coolidge.  You people that want to discuss Bush and Reagan save it for another discussion. 

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