An Author's Reflection: An Original Musical: Track 4 "Swing the Bat"

you want to write a book that's amazing yeah I guess but I mean anyone could do it don't sell yourself short most people wouldn't even work to the extent that you are it's just a dream it's not gonna happen you gotta step up and swing the bat Thank You professor Tommy you got me [Applause] [Applause] is extremely new having someone inspire me thing to make my dream listen be free instead I tried swinging believe it I believe in you jack realize that were you I believe I once had I just he'll change and – boy pays attention to the about you gotta gain confidence angle the world believes in me I could do it yes I know your dreams now you just thought you could do it I believe realize that I'm here for you our dreams may not [Applause] sighs gotta step up and swing again but and refill my so that I quit I believe you tried yes I believe we do it

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