An Easter poem – Bertie Guinea Pig books

Bertie had a chicken friend,
Roberta was her name. For short, Bertie called her Bob
(It was almost the same.) Bertie’s friend Roberta
Was a chicken from next door, She liked to roam around the garden
And sometimes to explore! She loved the grass on Bertie’s lawn,
It was sweet and soft and green. Her favourite game was pecking worms,
They were wiggly, but very lean! One day Roberta disappeared,
Bertie searched and searched for Bob. But Roberta was in the chicken coop
She had a special job. In a nest the chicken sat,
Warming up her eggs, She nurtured every single one,
Tucked in, under her legs. For these eggs were very special,
These weren’t for eating, no. Soon the eggs cracked open
And some little beaks chirped “Hello!” So now next door’s garden
Is as busy as can be, Since the day when Bob the chicken
Had not one chick, but three!

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