an ode to four American novelists by michael hermiston © (original)

I can't fall into the pages they're your world bloodless wounds and bruises never seen Silence to crisp and risk without consequence boldness only shadow the dust of where you've be drizzly november in those souls Greek tragedy no dancing on the shore on the rocks or the stage sila coral voices across the waters and the winds blow canvas and doom sailors all lost in that rage but there's love in the light of those lines salvation no sacrifice it's still a birth and love in the telling of the tale shine of inspiration a warmth beyond the pale heroes young are broken savage retribution ignorant echoes of a nation's greed and fear loving hearts in a tired old town courteous detachment acceptable with the fathers truthful tongue and here blue his eyes reflecting the Mirage of a destiny an awful ugly power a miasma of pain a wounded family bleeds on its dreams and hopes and love the lies of shame denied down the Mississippi flows the stain but there's love in the light of those lines salvation no sacrifice but still a birth and love in the telling of the tale shine of inspiration warmth beyond the pale that Old Man River carries us both to be free my rascally illusions yet you grant me grace we trusted the muddy flow and the muddled murky world the captain's bounty of character timeless in the bookcase in truth I feel the joy in those warm dry winds I saved bloodless wounds and bruises the pain soothed the way your silence is a refuge and your risks such a gift your boldness more than shadow and embrace lived each day still there's love in the lights of those lines salvation no sacrifice it's still a birth and love in the telling of the tale the shine of inspiration warmth beyond the pale and there's love in the lights of those lines salvation no sacrifice it's still of earth and love in the telling of the tale the shine of inspiration warmth beyond the pale shine of inspiration beyond thing you

27 thoughts on “an ode to four American novelists by michael hermiston © (original)

  1. Great song and a wonderful video! Really marvelous work, Michael!

  2. You are well read, Michael.
    Great tip of the cap to these writers. Stay creative.

  3. Wow, amazing lyrics, Michael, respect for them! Not an easy thing to do to write a novel with so much substance 🙂

  4. Very Creative song and performance! writing is so powerful……

  5. Wow, I loved this, Michael. I confess some of the literary connotations (and not a bit of the music) were lost on me but I admire the depth of the lyrics and all the work you have put into this big time. So cool, thank you, kind friend. I am happy to see most of your listeners are better educated than me 🙂 Happy new year to you!

  6. You told me a lovely tale Michael and there's a lot of love in it. And what a nice warm harmony. Annemarie (my wife) sitting next to me ( working on her patient files) stopped typing and said 'How beautiful! Who is that?' I hope you don't mind I told her something about the exeptional talented bard I met on the internet. Happy New Year my friend!

  7. A masterpiece again, an intoxicating invitation to the wonderful world of reading .. gentle and charming every note of your music .. Thanks for warming our souls .. wish you a healthy and again such an inspiring new year, Michael !

  8. Wonderful performance and arrangement Michael! Really pleasant! Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

  9. Very nice work on your video, showing you, the pictures, the lyrics and the book. Good musical performance, too, though I'm not surprised for this. Well done and have a great 2017, full of good music!

  10. Oh my, when that clarinet came in I was absolutely captivated. What a voice on that instrument. If this is a sign of things to come from you in 2017 it should be a terrific musical year.

  11. Listening to so many of your postings is like cracking open a great novel and savoring every word on every page. Hoping it will never end because, as they say, it's the journey, not the destination. Thanks for another great ride and Happy New Year! ~ Mark

  12. What a wonderful inspiring song to kick off 2017! My eyes filled up halfway through and didn't stop until after the song finished.

    Incidentally, the Yellow Cover "Huck Finn" was the one I read as a child. I hadn't seen that cover in years.

  13. A brilliant video that makes you want to read as much as a showcase of pastry sucks the gourmands !!! Thank you Michael for all your songs that are thought-provoking or inspirational, and your music that enchants us !!!
    A GREAT NEW YEAR, for you and yours !!!

  14. You must read Gilead (and Home and Lila) by Marilynne Robinson. I'm sure you'd love it

  15. That was awesome, Michael! A great ode to these books and to the joy of literature. I love Huckleberry Finn and Moby Dick and the two others are on my TBR list. The movie with Gregory Peck is amazing: "Stand up Scout….your father's passing."……..always gets me. The details in your lyrics are great, as always, painting a picture of someone finding transcendence through reading, as Linda (Turtledrum) said. Thanks for sharing this. I actually wrote something similar that I'm going to upload once I record it. It's about my love for books, from Twain to Pooh lol. Happy New Year! :))

  16. Nothing like a good book or an original Michael Hermiston tune my friend! This was beautiful, brilliant and thought-provoking. The piano backdrop was beautiful, the clarinet interlude was very soulful, and your voice is warm and comforting. Getting lost in a book is a great way to pass the time, but also to broker feelings, learn, empower, dream, and feed our minds and souls. The novelist knows how to convey their thoughts, their experiences, their dreams….and whether fiction or non-fiction, the words they have expertly woven together is painted in our own minds in a unique way since we can create our own imagery. I used to read a lot of books when I was young and there was the joke that I did not just read books, I ate them…..they lit up my mind 🙂 The tone of your music and lyrics also reminds us to remember and cherish the past, while looking forward to the future. This is a reminder that I need to take to heart after a rough 2016 and looking forward to a fresh reboot in 2017. Happy new year to you and your family Michael 🙂 ~Jackie

  17. My dear friend Michael, I wish you a GOOD, HEALTHY AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!
    Dear greetings, your friend Hans-Peter

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