An Ode to Women | Spoken Word Poetry

Ladies, let me tell you a bit about
the greatness that is you. Let me turn up the volume
on your value. Let me raise
your praise and promote your prominence.
Let me magnify your magnificence. Let me reveal your reverence
and reload your relevance. Let me elevate the elements
of your elegance with eloquence to provide your intelligence
enough evidence for you to believe when you breathe,
you exhale excellence. To know without hesitance, you are more prestigious than presidents.
You set the precedence. You are royalty!
And no one can emulate your eminence. This is real. You are regal.
You are royal. I say this without any bias,
for you are daughters of the Highest. Ah, yes. You are akin to a King who is one of a kind.
Never let that knowledge escape from your mind. That is your identity.
You are the image and the likeness of a Deity. Meaning God dwells within your atmosphere.
So, you cannot be scared of the things that most fear. The God in you is Sovereign. It surpasses Superman in every content.
You can do many things that even Clark can’t. And though it is beautiful to model modesty,
it would be a travesty if you did not know that you are more than magical,
you are majesty. You are part of a dynamic dynasty,
honestly. So never hang your head down
and cause your crown to fall. Even when you fall short,
you must stand tall. If you ever find yourself down
and you’re about to drown in frown as your tears tear you down,
turn your crying into your crown. Know that you are an empress.
Even when you feel like you cannot impress, know you are more than a princess.
You are priceless. Your status is goddess.
Ah, yes. You are not just any species,
you are special. You are phenomenal. Never inferior. You’re even fairer.
You are rulers of perfect measure. Whatever may transpire,
let God guard and guide your entire empire. Never allow anarchy
into your monarchy. Let wisdom
build your kingdom. In your royalty,
never depart from loyalty. Watch what is thrown
at your throne. Although none are without sin,
they’ll still cast the first stone. As you reign, some will try to rain on your parade.
Beware of wolves clothed in sheep masquerade. Ladies, you’re not just general.
Your genius is genuine. Your worth is birthed from within,
so your importance is never imported. Be attentive
of your attitude. Know that the magnitude
of your magnificence is magnetic. You are always attractive. If by happenstance
you find your happiness being hindered,
remember your standard. You are a royal priesthood,
a peculiar people. Whatever issues life has issued,
you will be greater than, never equal. From your humility
to your humanity, the world is privileged to stand upon the ledge
of your knowledge and to be grazed by your grace.
You are blessings to everybody and every face. So, Ladies. So, Queens.
Superior beings. As you walk about,
do not let your crown get lost in the crowd. Never let your heart be hardened.
Let the fruit of the spirit flourish in your garden. And never let your royalty be forgotten.

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