An Unexpected Expectation | Spoken Word poetry

I sensed my heart thumping loudly While I walked along the beautiful boulevard, Meeting him after five long years was hard. My mind crammed with childhood memories and images, I had the ubiquitous chimera of us spending time, Our bond always used to coruscatingly shine. He embraced me from behind as I felt the ecstasy of my thoughts hit reality He appeared in his usual aberrantly smart gait, I knew there was something planned for us by Lady Fate. The smile on his face was ravishing enough to hardly let me breathe, His words were articulate as he kept extolling my eyes. Just to spend more time with him, I could pay any price. The dinner was much more delectable than I ever expected, Along with the taste of his long stories, it was amazing how this atmosphere of warmth he could evoke. He did not fail to make me laugh every time he cracked a silly joke. I blushed every time he praised my hair or my attire. There was this unusual tingling in my body whenever his hand brushed against mine, I knew he wanted to accompany me in every climb. He told me as to how much he had missed me all this while, I might have been smiling outside, but inside of me every part died, Even after so many years, the copious feelings in my heart wanted to erupt no matter how much I tried to hide. they were right when they said true love never faded, I still loved him the same but still did not have the courage to confess, Why would he love me back when I was always such a mess? “I am just his best friend,” I kept reminding myself. “He would never feel the same,” reiterated my mind. But every time I looked into his eyes… my heart went all blind. Suddenly, he reached for a ring in his pocket. The Earth welcomed him as his knee touched the ground, “I love you,” he exclaimed.
I could not believe the sound. I shivered as I went weak in my knees, Afraid that I might collapse
He clutched me tight and smiled to see
The tears flowing in my eyes as I kissed him in glee.

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