Anacristina – “Awkward poem” @WANPOETRY

You know those moments where you know you said the most exactly perfect thing in the world You spoke the most exactly perfect words in the most perfect order and it was perfect! It was magic! YOU were magic! You could solve the world’s problems with your voice This poem is for the times not like those This poem is for the times you wish your words spawned a black hole for you to fall into This poem is for the time you went to subway and when the man asked you if you’d like your sub fresh or toasted? You said… Yes For that time you told the waitress to also enjoy her food or the time you told the ticket taker to also enjoy his movie For that one time you accidentally kissed that old man’s earlobe at church because you missed his cheek I know there’s no words involved in that one, but still this is for times like those too This poem is for the people who are awkward Genuinely awkward. Not cute awkward. Just regularly fucking awkward For the people who are too honest for their own good For the ones who ruined that one good thing they had going for them just because they had to For the people who hold doors open for strangers even when they force that stranger to awkwardly power-walk because they were totally too far away and probably didn’t want the door held open for them anyway For the people who always say too much without saying what they need to For the people who can’t write poetry. For the people who write poetry, but can’t read it in front of the people who matter For the ones that aren’t sure what’s the matter? but all they know is they need two bottles of wine and 23 hours of sleep for the ones that lost the ones they tried to keep and for the ones who have moved on but were sad to find that there’s no collect 200 when you finally pass go when you finally learn to let go For the ones who wish to chop their ears off like van Gogh because they really want to show someone that they really want to hear what they know and what they think and how they feel For the ones that want to peel off their skin because they don’t know how else to let anyone in For the walking contradictions, the hypocrites, the critics, the admirers, and the passerby-ers For the people who have never had a poem dedicated to them I wrote this one just for you For your big heart For your cold heart For your broken heart For the people like you and for the people like me I hope you’re all out there alive and well I hope you’re not scared to make yourself known because in a world of flawless robots there’s nothing more comforting than knowing you’re not alone

21 thoughts on “Anacristina – “Awkward poem” @WANPOETRY

  1. I've heard a lot of poems. I've read a lot of poems. But this poem, I want to print it out and put it up on my wall. As a reminder that my living isn't such a waste of space. We need more poetry like this.

  2. "The ones that want to peel off their skin bc they don't know any way else to let any one in" WHAT A LINE OH MY GOSH

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